Global RMT market for buying/selling World of Warcraft accounts projected to top $1bil, TheGameSupply.net atop companies poised to take advantage

Since the release of the hugely popular title World of Warcraft by entertainment giant Activision/Blizzard in Nov. 2004, the RMT market or real money trading has experienced unheard of growth as more and more subscribers join the ranks of those buying wow accounts. Buying and selling World of Warcraft accounts has grown exponentially as the number of subscribers has topped 12 million.

Creating progressive software innovations to eliminate the amount of fraud that is increasingly frequent in [url=http://www.thegamesupply.net/]Buying WoW accounts[/url] in a virtual marketplace proves difficult for companies of this nature.

Studies have found that virtual companies have an over 300% increase in the amount of fraud they encounter by selling intangible goods known as [url=http://www.thegamesupply.net/]World of Warcraft accounts[/url]. TheGameSupply.net reports an under 1% rate of lost funds due to customer charge backs by utilizing a unique 3 step verification process.

Utilizing unique software to limit the ability of a potential problem customer to check out by conventional means and funneling sales through vigorous verification process most of which the end user is never aware of and does not affect the checkout process.

Hiring gaming experts to evaluate and create a marketplace that is gamer friendly, TheGameSupply.net has recently announced the unveiling of a new state of the art web experience on July 1st, 2009 to further increase growth in buying and selling wow accounts.

[url=http://www.thegamesupply.net/]Buying World of Warcraft accounts[/url] is such a niche market that staffing gamers is almost a must, yet most companies do not choosing instead to outsource labor third world markets. Which when it comes time for consumers to [url=http://www.thegamesupply.net/]Sell World of Warcraft accounts[/url], TheGameSupply.net has a distinct advantage of their representatives inside knowledge of the game.

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