>What is a Battle.net account?

The Battle.net account is a new Blizzard Entertainment account; used to manage and control all of your Blizzard Entertainment gaming accounts in one manageable account area.

I don’t have a Battle.net account should I get one?

At this time we do not see any benefit to creating a Battle.net account and merging it with your World of Warcraft account.

TheGameSupply.net.com Customers: We do not recommend merging accounts purchased from our store with the new Battle.net system. If you do create a Battle.net account do not merge multiple WoW accounts into a single Battle.net account, this may put your accounts at risk. You also must register the Battle.net account under the name registered to the World of Warcraft account (The orginal account holders name). If you do not have this please contact us.

What do I need to create a Battle.net account?

Email Address, Password, Secret Question, Secret Answer, First Name, Last Name. Your Battle.net account will have different information from your World of Warcraft account, this includes secret question and answer. After creating a Battle.net account you will use your Battle.net login information to access your World of Warcraft account management.

Create a Battle.net account

Information for account traders: When completing a transaction or transferring ownership of a World of Warcraft account you will now need to ask the other party if the World of Warcraft account has been merged with a Battle.net account. You will then need to collect the details for BOTH the World of Warcraft and Battle.net account.

TheGameSupply.net Customers: Customers are NOT protected under our WoW account guarantee if your account information is shared with a third party during an account trade or other activity. We do not believe account trading to be a safe activity.
Battle.net Account Scams

When merging a World of Warcraft account with a Battle.net account the only pieces of information that Blizzard requires is a username and password for the World of Warcraft account. Once the World of Warcraft account is merged all account changes and updates must be conducted via the Battle.net account. Players will be unable to reset their password or email using their WoW account information; players will need to use their Battle.net information. As the Battle.net information can be different from your WoW information many players are falling victim to hackers obtaining players WoW username and password and merging the stolen WoW account with a new Battle.net account. Once this is completed none of the information on the WoW account can be updated via the account management page as the hacker has the Battle.net information.

What do I do if my account is hacked and merged with a Battle.net account that does not contain my information?

If you are a TheGameSupply.net customer please immediately contact us and we will resolve the situation immediately. If you are not a customer you will need to directly call Blizzards Billing & Account Administration at 1-800-592-5499. When connected inform the representative that your World of Warcraft account has been merged with a Battle.net account, inform them you do not have a Battle.net account. The representative will ask you a few authorization questions based on your World of Warcraft account information, the representative will then create a Battle.net account for you with the information you have provided and move your WoW account from its current Battle.net account to the new Battle.net account. You will now have access to your World of Warcraft account.

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