>RMT Marketplace update. Tgs.net asks why buy wow accounts? Thegamesupply.net releases guide to buying World of Warcraft accounts.


Leader in virtual sales Tgs.net releases guide on how to successfully buy/sell wow account in an ever changing virtual marketplace.

Guide to buy WoW accounts, or how to buy World of Warcraft accounts.

A guide for people buying MMORPG virtual goods.

Over 50 million people play MMORPG’s according to recent estimates. Over 11.5 million of those play World of Warcraft. In this guide we will take a look at how to purchase those accounts safely other than buy wow account from Tgs.net that is:)

If you are one of these people, then you realize that leveling is not the only thing required to excel in these gaming environments. Sometimes you require additional currency or equipment that you simply do not have the time to invest to gain. A quick way to get what you are lacking is to purchase these goods. MMMORPG buying, and especially buy World of Warcraft accounts can be risky without an actual exchange of a product and the ability of the original owner to recall accounts after sale. As you will be most likely spending some real hard earned cash, you will want to make sure you are well protected in any transaction of virtual nature.

One of the easiest and most effective things to do to this end is to simply request the sellers home phone number and negotiate on the phone. Instant messagers and email are effective, but much information can be gathered by a simple phone number. Negotiating over the phone as well limits alot of scammers as most will not speak via telephone.

If you are using Paypal to buy wow account, another good thing to remember is only to send funds to verified Paypal members. You as a buyer are more protected by paypal and should always complete the transaction there, or face to face if possible. Avoid sending money via Western Union, or though the mail. Buying World of Warcraft accounts is risky, and you can avoid this risk going to Thegamesupply.net to buy wow account. We have perfected over the years a method utilizing credit bureau and public records to identify who we are buying World of Warcraft accounts, buying wow accounts, and buying Aion accounts from and limit our fraud rate to under .06%. (Through second quarter 2009).

Meeting the person you are going to buy wow account from in game is also key. Never accept an armory link or character profile as proof of account existence. Trading for a frozen or banned wow or Aion account is something that should also be avoided.

Common sense will eliminate a a lot of the issues that go along with the purchase of wow accounts, World of Warcraft accounts, and Aion accounts.

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