>RMT Market Update: TheGameSupply.net puts security first with Verisign certification to buy wow account(s) from Tgs.net.

>Customer security is put first at Thegamesupply.net (Http://tgs.net/) by utilization of Verisign EV SSL Certificates and advanced customer identification software.

As ecommerce faces increased security threats, abandoned transactions, and the huge growth of social networks many business are looking to boost consumer confidence in their product. One good way to do this is utilization of the Verisign seal on their site.

TheGameSupply.net, ( http://www.tgs.net/ ), has integrated comprehensive outside consumer verification software for customer verification when they submit their information when they http://www.thegamesupply.net/ [buy wow account] from tgs.net.

“As the RMT market grows in North America limiting fraud and customer issues to a minimum helps to brand and build consumer confidence in your offerings, which will lead to increased opportunities to bring your product to the public, especially in a virtual environment where trust is such an issue with both retailers and private sellers.

Utilization of vastly superior customer identification methods has allowed us the ability to build trust in TheGameSupply.net name, and granted us a good deal of success in a marketplace largely dominated by Asian competitors. Our level of customer service coupled with the measures we take to ensure our end users gaming experience is never dimished is what has set us apart from the companies inception, and continues to be our main focus.” said Kenneth C. Pierce CEO. of TheGameSupply.net (http://www.tgs.net) a leading retailer of World of Warcraft account(s).

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