>What BioShock 2’s Hacking Looks Like if You’re Colour Blind


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Whilst reading the 2K Forums earlier today finding out about all the BioShock 2 bugs, I found a thread complaining that hacking was almost impossible for colour blind gamers.

Curious to see for myself (no pun intended) just how much impact being colour blind makes to the new hacking mechanic, I ran the above image (sorry for the low quality, it’s a photo of the 360 version) through a colour contrast analyser application I used when re-designing this very site (you can download it here).

When hacking, the needle moves across the dial. Pressing A on a green hacks, blue gives you a bonus (blue areas are not found on most hacking displays), white gives you an electric shock and red triggers the alarm.

For those 6% of male gamers (only 0.1% of female gamers) who suffer from deuteranopia (a form of red-green colour blindness) the image below shows what hacking looks like.

If you’re in the 1% of males (0.01% of females) with protanopia (another form of red-green colour blindness) this image shows you what you’re up against.

Finally, if you’re in the 0.01% of gamers (using averages this estimates to a few hundred BioShock 2 players) with tritanopia (blue-yellow colour blindness) this is your hacking.

Hopefully 2K take note and patch in some colour-changing options.

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