>Scalpers Getting $300 For StarCraft II Beta Keys

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Not that I’m sharing this in a run-go-get-it sense. But some enterprising key recipients have chosen not to participate in the StarCraft II beta. Some 49 keys are being auctioned on eBay right now, with bids reaching up to $305.

Most of the keys are cards given out at BlizzCon 2008, which provide access to one of the company’s upcoming betas – in this case, StarCraft II, which started on Wednesday, or the Diablo 3 beta, whenever that begins. The cards also came with a code for a polar bear mount in World of Warcraft. Other keys on sale were said to be acquired by different means. Caveat emptor.

Three keys are listed at Buy-It-Now prices of $375, $450 and $949, although that last one includes a guy’s full Battle.Net account, which features two level 80 World of Warcraft characters. No one’s bid on that yet. The highest bid on a key so far is $305.

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