Heroic: Ragnaros

Gentlemen's Club Heroic Ragnaros

Unfortunately, this took a lot longer than most of us would have wanted.

GC experienced a huge roster issue since the end of T11 which delayed a lot of our progress in T12.

I think we managed to have over 15+ people quit the game since our last Sinestra kill.

Throw in vacations, a hurricane, work conflicts, internet issues, and other random crap that guilds at this time of the year have to deal with makes for the depressing pace. In the end, we managed to only get about 200 attempts in before this week, but we were able to hunker down and take advantage of Blizzard’s nerf bat to score a kill.

As always, we are recruiting!

Resto Druid PoV

Prot Paladin PoV

Hunter PoV