Bravely Default Flying Fairy (or) Bravely Asian Grindfest for 2014

 Set in the fantasy world of Luxendar,a land of light and shadow. When the wind crystal is consumed by darkness, it is up to its protector, Agnes, to bring reignite its light. Accompanying her on her journey are Tiz, Edea, and Ringabel. Each have their own unique personality and purpose for joining. Utilizes traditional turn-based combat with high fantasy elements. Central to gameplay is the option to either “Default,” allowing a player to store battle turns for later, or “Brave,” in which the character uses future turns immediately for multi-hit attacks. A job system allows characters to learn different skills from one job and apply them to another. This results in highly-customizable characters that fit each player’s individual play style.

Developed by Square Enix and set to release for the Nintendo DNS if this game could be more Asian I cannot see how.  In all of the gameplay and cinematic trailers, (I have not played this title),  it looks like an old school Final Fantasy style (grind) title.  Played enough of those back then.  IGN gives this title an 8.6…I couldn’t disagree more.  There’s nothing <new> to see here…move along.

[skill_bar heading=”It’s not even that pretty” percent=”40%”]


3 thoughts on “Bravely Default Flying Fairy (or) Bravely Asian Grindfest for 2014

  1. Andrew Vu says:

    You sold me on “Final Fantasy style”. I know a lot of people are sick of FF but I can’t get enough, so hopefully I will love this.

    • Sarah Evanston says:

      I wish I gave this one a pass, it really wasn’t worth it. You wouldn’t be missing out on anything really! 🙂

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