Everquest Next-Landmark Has Commenced.

Received my Trailblazer invite late night.  Starting the download now.   Looks as if the NDA is kind of strict:


When you accept our Alpha Testing Agreement, you will, among other things, agree that everything associated with this Alpha test is considered confidential information, and you may not discuss it with anyone except SOE and other players through the EverQuest Next Landmark forums until SOE lifts the confidentiality obligations or the game has been commercially released.

So…I won’t post much about the game.   Once it lifts I’ll upload some of the designs we’ve created here and look forward to seeing everyone else’s.

See ya there:)


8 thoughts on “Everquest Next-Landmark Has Commenced.

  1. Scott Phillips says:

    I am so excited for Next Landmark. Please update us when you are allowed to – I’d love to see some screen shots.

  2. Brown says:

    It’s a fun game. Very minecraft like only much more beautiful graphically. Hopefully gathering resources wont be an epic chore once they start rolling out the money options.

  3. William says:

    I’m pretty excited about a new Everquest. I have been meaning to give it a try for years because of something my friend from high school once told me. My friend was at the same time a legit genius, and a complete degenerate. He was always on drugs of some kind and pretty much did every drug there was. I asked him one time what the most addictive drug he ever did was. His answer blew me away: Everquest. He was telling me insane stories of hustling to get money just to pay for a new subscription just to keep his characters alive.

    To put this in perspective, this gentleman is now deceased from an overdose of drugs. If you’ve ever met anyone in your life who is constantly getting into trouble or doing drugs all day, that was him, and he still feared Everquest the most!

    Everquest is something to be respected, it’s power is immense!

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