Thief-Returning to Stealth Roots this February.

Eidos Montreal and Square Enix, the developers behind hit stealth first person shooter game Deus Ex, have worked their magic into an all new stealth game.  Set in the shadows of what appears to be a turn of the century England town or something reminiscent of Batman’s Arkham City, a thief lies in wait to plan his next big heist.  The game is called “Thief” and you portray master thief Garrett who has lost his memory and his latest protégé.  Garrett must work his way throughout the dark city with its burning buildings, black plague that has hit the villagers, and must get past the agents of the evil iron fisted baron that runs the plagued town.

At his disposal are thieves’ tools, a bow and arrow, and Garrett’s natural environment which he can use against his foes.  You can choose to kill your way through the game in a non-stop onslaught of treasure collecting fun or you can go it covertly knocking your opponents out to steal the spoils.  Garrett can pick locks, use different arrow types like a water arrow to blow out torches so he can stealthily move amongst the shadows, he can deal a death blow to the head of one of the baron’s men using a sabretooth arrow, or he can even blow a gas pipe up while an opponent walks by knocking him to the ground senseless.


Also at Garrett’s disposal is his blackjack weapon which he can use to knock some sense into the baron’s men or perhaps fight against many of the dark evil beings that awaits him.  As he progresses he can store his treasures high above the city in his hideout, he can gain new abilities such as the focus ability which acts sort of like a spidey sense highlighting areas and objects around him to help him solve puzzles and pick locks.  Coins can be obtained in the game to purchase additional equipment, upgrades, and supplies.


Thief arrives on February 25th for the X-box 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, and PC.  If you pre-order it early you can receive the bank heist pack as well.


6 thoughts on “Thief-Returning to Stealth Roots this February.

    • jon terns says:

      It very good Jaime, if you like action, intrigue and adventure in your games, you will love Thief and won’t want to stop playing. It’s that addictive!

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