One thought on “How to Sell Account Updated March 2014

  1. William says:

    Haha this is a great article because it reminds me of a story. Couple of my friends were living together in a house and they had one kid kinda stay with them for a while in the living room. He had his computer setup there and would wake up early every day and just start going to town on wow. Turns out he has like 8 top level characters with all awesome equipment.

    This kid was pretty much homeless and without any money. We did the math and figured out that if he sold his characters online he could get somewhere like 5 grand.

    He absolutely refused to do it though because he felt like he was giving his children up for adoption. That’s the power of wow! There’s certainly a market out there still for this stuff so if you need some cash give it a go.

    Now if you could just write a guide on letting go of fake characters!

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