Dragon Age: Inquisition – An Awesome Game and Why It Makes Me Want to Wear a Onesie!

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Although the Dragon Age franchise is still ‘relatively’ new to the RPG market as opposed to the long time reigning champions such as EQ and WoW,  the release of the title has without-a-doubt created a name for BioWare by redefining what it means to play in a world centered more around the involvement of story-line and group character progression, at least in my ever so intelligent opinion 🙂

With the initial release of Dragon Age: Origins back in 2009, the game did not experience any down-time in its ascendance to success.  Having been positively reviewed by many of the highly vocal critics such as IGN and Metacritic, it’s feedback ultimately led to the games first expansion in 2010 and over the course of four more years a total of over 10 rewards and three expansions — it’s newest being given the title Inquisition.  For such a bad-ass sounding expansion and given the titles past success — it wound’t be uncommon to think BioWare has done it yet AGAIN.  Truthfully, I think you’re right!

What makes a game like Dragon Age so successful in a world where MMO-RPG PC games seem to take the forefront (and for that, the market-share) ?  Well for one, many people seem to enjoy the iconic and very simplistic/classic RPG theme it conveys.  We all know that your typical MMO game tends to follow a more linear progression line and thus allows for more generic and inclusive story-line content.  Though in a world where you aren’t limited to one singular class but instead a wide party of characters and races each with their own unique background and story — all working together (and played at ONCE!) to achieve a common goal: then you can start to see why Dragon Age makes you want to re-watch the entire LoTR series after a fun night of gaming.  The game makes you want to DO something that you otherwise can’t in real life; and that’s important.

If you’ve played any of the older DA titles you know then that there is no online multi-player.  Typically, this is the issue that a lot of the more ‘hardcore’ RPG’ers find it fails at and are left pondering why the game hasn’t fallen on its metaphorical face.  When most people think of RPG’s what will probably come to mind is the concept of ‘online’, which then makes you think of a sense of ‘community’ and an unavoidable interaction with others throughout your play experiences.  So, when new players finally cave in and want to try out the game with their friends but find out there’s no co-op or possibility to play with your friends unless your sitting on the same couch — it kind of ruins the fantasy of jumping on the hype train and slaying some dragons!

Though, FEAR NOT! BioWare has fixed it’s past mistakes and finally has implemented an online multi-player feature that supports the capability of playing with others around the world while you explore the awesome world brought to you in Inquisition!  About time, you say? Damn right!  Surely if you browse Youtube, Twtich or any gaming related content you would have seen at least ‘some’ adds building up the anticipation for the games release; considering it was in Beta for a very long time.  Though, now that it’s out — I can surely recommend with TGS’s stamp of approval that you try this game if you like the idea of playing one of the coolest RPG’s available on console (or PC) that have ever been made.

This snapshot and mild, somewhat cheesy celebration on my part was simply to peak your interest and hopefully make you want to check out the game yourself!  There is tons to do in this game and in my personal opinion has some of the coolest graphics and animations ever released.  I mean seriously, watch some videos of the mage casting animations and spell effects!  Talk about AWESOME!

Overall if you’ve played any of the past Dragon Age titles and are a little hesitant about this one — I want you to go for it and post back here with your thoughts!  What is it about Dragon Age that make you want to take up arms, run out-side with your LoTRO onesie on and slay some beasts?  For me, it’s the fact that it even gives me that idea.  There’s nothing more to be said aside from GO PLAY THIS GAME!

3 thoughts on “Dragon Age: Inquisition – An Awesome Game and Why It Makes Me Want to Wear a Onesie!

  1. Dean says:

    Dragon Age: Inquisition sounds like a very good game but unfortunately my PC can’t handle it right now :(. I need to upgrade my video card to a better one and this sucks. I have seen some walkthroughs of the game and there are a lot of things I like.

    The game looks and seems to play amazingly well. It looks very polished, the story draws you in, the classes seem improved since the last game. I will probably be improving my specs in 2-3 months and I can play it then and until that time I will most likely be watching a full walkthrough of it on Youtube. And yes it does make you want to re-watch LoTR again!

  2. Brtanica says:

    I was tempted to get this game but as the comment above has said, I don’t have a PC that can handle it. I play on a laptop right now so until I am able to get a tower custom built for gaming, I will be waiting on games like this. I am a huge LotR fan too and I get that vibe from it as well!

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