Let’s Settle it – XBOX One VS. Playstation 4: THE BATTLE TO END IT ALL!


Okay, maybe not really.  I will admit, I may not be the most qualified to write a comparison, blog, article or even a sentence regarding this topic because I’ve been an avid PC gamer my entire life.. until recently.  Earlier this year after some heavy persuasion from those who peer pressure best (your significant other) I decided to FINALLY pick up an Xbox One and begin my long overdue addiction to console gaming.  Boy.. was I in for a treat.

Admittedly, I’ve had every generation of console up until PS3.  After that, for reasons I don’t really know why myself, I just stopped.  Probably was around the time WoW and lots of other awesome PC titles were being introduced into the market so it fell to the back-burner indirectly.  Though, I’ve had some incredibly strong urges lately to get back into the market, so I caved.

The first game I ever played on the XB1 was Rome and holy crap was it awesome.  I was so surprised with the Graphics XBOX dished out it made me question if my graphics card on my gaming rig was outdated.  Not to mention if you get annoyed with little nuisances like switching your input back and forth in-between your console and cable box then this is literally the best thing in the world.  XBOX1 not only has a feature called Glass which allows you to control your console and your cable TV from a tablet, phone, or anything like that — but you can directly hook up your box INTO your XB1 and watch TV while browsing the web, listening to music and whatever else you want to do right from your console!

This, in my opinion, was the best thing ever.  I didn’t even care about whether or not the games looked cool or not.  Though, that’s probably just because I tend to get excited for strange things. 🙂  Anyways, so let’s fast forward a few months until I again get these urges to buy… something.  Xbox 1 was more of an impulse purchase that ended up working out thankfully, but seeing as the Playstation consoles in their entirety was near and dear to my heart.. I couldn’t abandon them!  I mean if you’ve ever played Spyro or S.O.C.O.M then you know what I’m talking about!

So, you know, I got one.  Don’t roll your eyes at me! It’s not my fault I have an addiction to shiny things that play video games.  A hobbies a hobby! Back on topic, though; I’ve never been more pleased with this purchase.  While the PS4 can’t do ‘all’of the cool functionality the XB1 can in terms of cable switching.. I really love the Blu-Ray quality on the PS4 (Huge Hobbit & LOTR fan here, I mean you just have to have a Blu-Ray player for series or you’re doing yourself a disservice) and the fact that in my opinion, the PS4 has less instances of screen tearing while viewing in-game cinematic and playing in general.

Though, obviously — each specific console has their own strengths and weakness.  Graphic wise, I love the PS4.  I also love the look with LEDs, it’s a very sleek and modern finish which fits well with my gaming cabinet.  As for functionality and additional apps and bonus extras, the XB1 seems to pull a little a head.  All in all they are both great consoles — I guess it just comes down to what games you find interesting and whether or not that title is available on said console!  All in all, it’s all about the games anyways, right?

Give one a go and let us know what you think!  Which console is your favorite?

7 thoughts on “Let’s Settle it – XBOX One VS. Playstation 4: THE BATTLE TO END IT ALL!

  1. "Chadwick575" says:

    I didn’t buy an X1 due to Microsoft deleting my old username when they did an update right before it’s release but I did buy a PS4.

    Great graphics for a console and does most of what you said about the X1 as well. It’s still a console though and limited vs PC gaming. I’ve played Destiny a good bit, (just to see what a baby MMO was like on Console), as well as Dragonsage Inq. and a few other titles.

    My problem with consoles in general is the lack of functionality in games for console. There simply is no replacement for PC gaming. To me this conversation is moot.

    • Cory says:

      Ahh, yes. That also happened to a friend of mine and completely squashed his drive to pick up the XB1 cause he also lost all of his old achievements, trophies, etc etc.

      I tend to agree with you on a few of your points. I don’t think consoles should be compared to PC functionality in general because I don’t think the nature of console’s is to replace but to support your general gaming habits.

      I kind of think limited capability is implied when discussing consoles because there isn’t much you can do with just a few buttons and a joystick. Though, I think we’ll see some advancements in the future because you can use Sony’s PS Vita as a controller when playing the PS4 — likewise with the Wii -U.

      We’ll see though, I too would like to see some awesome advancements coming forth in the console industry. 🙂

  2. Aaron says:

    I have PS4 and had all the Playstations that ever existed so you could say I am a fan of them. My best friend has the Xbox 1 so we were able to compare the two. If we are talking gaming, we both agree that on PS4 games look better, play smoother, and are generally better games overall. Although there aren’t many games at the moment on either platform, if the past is to repeat itself (and I think that’s the case) PS4 will offer more games than Xbox 1 and more exclusives. PS3 was amazing in this regard as it offered hundreds of great games and lasted for 10 years! Xbox seems to be more focused on offering a wider package and doesn’t really give it its all when it comes to games. So, PS4 wins.

  3. Daragh says:

    Great review! I think you are definitely qualified to do a PS4 vs. XBOX1 review. I can relate to you stopping to use PS after PS3. It was a the same for me. XBOX1 seems to be what everyone wants these days. I can see why after reading your post. Hopefully, Santa will leave one for me under the tree ; )

  4. William says:

    Great article. For me the difference comes down to two factors. What games I want to play, and what my friends are doing. In the online era of video games, it’s important to me to get the main system most of my friends are on because then I can play with them.

    I will usually take a while to choose between two competing platforms of systems and see who wins out before making the leap. For the xbone and ps4, it seems like the ps4 is winning out.

    As for games, I’m a huge fighting game fan and it was just announced that Street Fighter 5 will be a ps4 exclusive, so I’ll likely get that at some point.

  5. Brtanica says:

    I know this sounds a bit insane but it honestly came down to the controller for me. I never did and will never like the Playstation controllers. I don’t like how they feel and this may or may not make me picky, but Xbox has a better controller in my opinion. If I had to choose for another reason, and controllers were interchangeable, I think I would lean toward the PS4 just because of the games they offer. I will always take PC gaming over both though!

  6. Jen says:

    I’m going to have to go with Playstation 4. Blu-Ray quality for the win. X Boxes are really cool, but I guess I’m loyal to the first console I used. 🙂

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