Heroes of the Storm — Casually Hardcore?

I will admit, I wasn’t too excited for Heroes of the Storm when it was first announced to be going live for it’s closed beta phase.  I watched sneak-peeks via Youtube like a lot of us have, and well quite frankly — just wasn’t understanding it.  That was until I actually was invited and gave it a shot, boy was I in for a big surprise.

I don’t know about you guys but as an active MMORPG player it’s sometimes nice to have a fall-back game whenever you need to step away from everything WoW related.  We all have our burnouts and I think Blizzard knows that, which is why they are spending a great deal of their development time getting into the MOBA market (heck, even Hearthstone too) in an attempt to stay relative.

Having played League of Legends for a few season now, the changes are substantial.  If you’ve ever played LoL then you’re familiar with their individual experience, creep-score based momentum of the game.  It can either A) get you way ahead or B) force you to fall behind if you’re having even the slightest of trouble in your lane.  However, Blizzard’s view on this inherit aspect to any MOBA is a bit different.

In Heroes of the Storm, experience is party-wide.  Meaning, everyone is always the same level on your team.  Always.  There is no purchasing of items or last-hitting, instead Blizzard has decided to put player customization into skill-trees and different builds in terms of what spells you chose to play with on your specific character.  I’ll be the first to say that at first the system was a bit awkward.  I liked the competitive advantage of wanting to get ahead of my lane opponent, it was fun.  Though, Blizzard’s take on how things should be takes away individual pressure and puts a lot more focus on teamwork, which is how the maps are specifically designed.

Every single map that is available to be played on the Nexus has some sort of external objective.  Whether it be collecting skulls, controlling alters to jump in a huge dragon, or even earning coins to have a pirate shoot cannonballs at your enemies base, there is diversity — just now in the way that many are used to.

So, why am I writing this article?  Well, truthfully; I think it’s a great game.  Now that it is in the open beta phase you’re free to purchase a Founder’s pack which will not only give you access to the beta, but it will give you a great head-start with champions, skins and even a mount! There’s only so much wiping on raid bosses or tilting in Arena matches that one can take.  Whether you’re a Mythic raider or a full-time family mom or dad, this game has something for everyone and we think you should give it a shot!

Gaming is all about diversity and doing things better than the other guy.  Does Heroes do everything better than LoL?  Well, no; but what it is good at is creating a diverse atmosphere for everyone to enjoy.  If you’ve been thinking about splurging and gaining access to the open beta, please consider this TGS’s stamp of approval.  Give it a shot!  Lots of new champions and maps are being released soon, so find out how OP Lady Sylvanas is and let us know what you think 🙂

Happy Gaming everyone!

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