World of Warcraft: Legion – Nostalgia No Longer?

So the time is upon us, friends.  This past year at Gamescon Blizzard announced the upcoming World of Warcraft expansion – undertaking the title Legion.  It is no surprise that many players feel the best times were had during the Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King expansions.  Whether you may feel it was because of the PvE content, or the “freshness” of the Arena system; these expansions left a mark on every WoW player who had the chance to indulge in them during their prime and for that reason the bars have been set extremely high and have yet to be met again.

As we later progressed through Cataclysm where the entirety of Azeroth was changed forever and eventually embarked on the tranquil lands of Pandaria, many players (and myself included) felt there was something “missing” from the core of the game.  Was it the story-line?  The lack of character development?  Or was it the lingering void of inspiring and cinematic in-game content that made you feel like you were a part of something else?  Who knows.  But, what we do know now is that Blizzard has heard us – and they’re looking to get back on track and allow us to explore what Warcraft is really about.

With Blizzard’s upcoming expansion Legion, they are making a serious crack at bringing back the many facets of the game during The Burning Crusade & WoTLK when WoW was at its peak.  A new class, the Demon Hunter, is going to be introduced into the game after years and years of enthusiasts and the likes theory crafting and pleading with developers to make it happen.  Additionally, they are completely revamping many classes (Hunters and Warlocks, primarily) in the hopes of truly distinguishing them from the new Demon Hunters.  Though, most importantly – they are bringing some serious hype.  Remember all that awesome Marketing that went into promoting WoTLK?  We had Super Bowl commercials, Mountain Dew ads, and tons more.  Blizzard really seems to be listening to the community currently and best of all — they seem to agree!

World of Warcraft has been a meaningful hobby to over 100 million people worldwide.  It’s no secret that as we’ve progressed throughout the expansions, the active subscriber amount has exponentially declined and blizzard currently is at half of the amount of subscribers then they were during Wrath of the Lich King.  It is because of these reasons that I feel Blizzard is listening, and is wanting to bring back a lot of the core niches of the game both casual and hardcore players enjoyed.

Between the plenty of new content, artifact system, the new class, beautifully designed armor (Essentially on the T6 level — about dang time!) and tons more — we at The Game Supply are genuinely excited to dive deep into Betas and hopefully share all of our thoughts and experiences with you as we work through them!  It’s going to be a good time for Warcraft, and we can’t wait for you to get just as excited as we are.  Thank you for taking the time to read through this little gem and we hope it’s given you just a little bit of hype to encourage you to go learn more!  Seriously, do some research — you won’t be disappointing! Happy gaming!

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