Wildstar: A New Beginning?

So about a year ago, June 3rd of 2014 to be exact, was the initial release date of the highly anticipated and “hyped” MMORPG known as Wildstar.  On it’s surface, it seemed like it embodied every self-proclaimed “hardcore” raiders deepest and darkest desires.  However, after only a few months of the game’s release there was a steady decline in the overall population and stabilization of the servers population.  Many attributed this fact to the direct competition and release of WoW’s 5th expansion Warlords of Draenor.  Others, however – believed it was due to the core fundamentals of the game which we’ll take a glance at throughout the remainder of the article.

Primarily, Wildstar was attempting to cater to the “hardcore” crowd.  The game, as it was developed by a good amount of the devs who were with Blizzard during WoW Vanilla and the Burning Crusade, took a stab at their own version of 40-man raiding and the attunement process.  Many players, myself included, loved the difficulty of the process to even step foot inside a raid.  The leveling process to 50 was a bit grindy, but this after-all was the kind of nostalgia people were asking for, right?

As it turns out, this was simply not the case as we soon learned throughout the subsequent months following the launch.  It’s hard to define what exactly contributed to the decline of the player-base for this inherently promising game.  Perhaps there wasn’t enough commercials or advertisements available on media outlets like other titles had.  Or maybe it was simply just “too hard” as we know a majority of any games population stem from those gamers who identify as casual.

So, what’s the point of this article?  Is Wildstar worth even reading about?   Short answer: yes, long answer: I REALLY think you should!  If you’re a lurker on any MMO fan sites like MMO-Champ and the likes, then you may have noticed that Wildstar is converting to a F2P “free to play” business model in just a little under 2 days!  What does this mean, exactly?  Well – it’s simple!  Games like Tera, LoL & HoTS have this exact same model — it’s basically entirely free to play the game, but there are in-game monetary incentives that you can chose to either purchase, or not.

Many people seem to think this is exactly what Wildstar needs.  The game itself is beautiful, the graphics are conveyed in a very outlandish and futuristic way with a slight resemblance to cartoon aesthetics.  Additionally, it’s very easy for this game to give you a “polished” feeling when exploring through the depths of space.  The actual game-play itself has undergone some ‘major’ re-working in preparation for the F2P launch on September 29th!  From decreasing the xp needed to actually hit level 50, from making it easier to obtain pre-raid gear, etc; this game is certainly making a strong attempt at attracting more of the western crowd!

Overall there is plenty of awesome information out there regarding what you can expect form this new and improved “re-launch”!  I know personally we at TGS are going to take another stab at the game in the hopes of helping it get back on it’s feet.  It truly was an enjoyable game, but needed some overall tweaks which have been for the most part addressed by the development team.  If one thing is for certain though it’s that the Wildstar development team truly loves their game and is doing everything they can to set the standard it know it can set — let’s see how high it is after a few months of the game going F2P.  See you in game!

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