Overwatch: First Person Awesomeness

It’s well known knowledge that Blizzard Entertainment got their start from their original franchise, Warcraft.  Then over the span of several years Warcraft developed into their arguably most successful title World of Warcraft and has since then reigned as one of the most successful MMORPGs of all time.  Most people are familiar with this title as at one point it boasted over 10 million active concurrent subscribers and was advertised on stations network wide – it even had a Super Bowl half-time commercial!  Though, as time has progressed and for reasons not 100% set in stone; it appears WoW’s player-base has shifted.

Many believe that something “new” and “fresh’ needs to be introduced into the Blizzard franchise in order to help Blizzard gain some of its credibility back.  With that thought, Blizzard has been developing a secret title for many years under the code name “Titan”.  There has been tons of speculation as to what this game was, and only recently was it announced by Blizzard themselves to be cancelled.  Why is all of this relevant?  Well as you may have heard, over a year ago Blizzard announced their spin on a new next-gen first person shooter known as Overwatch which contains many development time, resources and overall work gone into Titan; but constructed into a new direction.

With the open beta being announced last week and starting on October 27th, we felt it was the perfect time to provide you guys with a quick introduction into the game and what it has to offer!  For starters, Overwatch is set roughly 60 years into the future and allows for 6v6 PvP game-play.  The main objectives of any map are well.. objectives.  Control points, flags, etc; every team is fighting to control something similar to TF2 and nearly any other shooter title that has been released.  So, what’s different?  Well.. how about everything?  The graphics alone in this game are simply stunning, and if you haven’t watched the announcement cinematic for this game yet we recommend you get on it!

As for game-play though, each character has their own innate abilities unique to specifically to them.  Unlike a lot of other shooter games out there, each class will also have their own “ultimate” ability.  This will allow for some seriously flashy plays (can anyone eSports?), fun combo-chains and generally a more aesthetically pleasing interaction.  Additionally, the movement in the game feels a lot more “out-worldly”.  Depending on the character your fighting with, players may have the ability to teleport, leap crazy amounts of distances.. or even fly!

While many people may not be impressed with the fact that it’s “just another shooter”, we think it’s important to note that after-all it IS Blizzard and if anything they know how to make beautiful game-play.  Combine that with the fact that they are able to improve and expand upon years worth of market research on other shooter titles and hopefully we’ll get something amazing.  So far, the developer panels, game-play previews and overall teaser trailers have been nothing short of amazing.  We’re excited to see where this game takes the Blizzard universe and we hope you are too.  See you in-game!

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