Microtransactions Will Hit Uncharted 4’s Multiplayer

The Uncharted 4’s development team at Naughty Dog and publisher Sony have offered fans a first look at the multiplayer during the Paris Games Week. Now the both companies decided to add some extra juice to keep the title engaging in the long term. Following the footsteps of other titles, Uncharted 4’s Multiplayer will have large verity of microtransactions which can be purchased from real life money and these microtransactions will have cosmetic items to allow gamers to personalize their characters.

Additionally,  according to an insider of Naughty Dog, he said that “This brand new title will not feature dedicated multiplayer servers and one player will always serve as host to keep game balanced”. As of yet it is unsure what exactly this means for traditional game-play styles but as we get closer to launch more information is surely to be published and tested.

Uncharted 4’s Multiplayer might release and feature eight new maps, though keep in mind that this number is just assumed not confirmed. It is clear that none of the next maps will be a remake of those seen in previous titles and will be a set of completely new ideas and artwork.

Another point of interest is that Naughty Dog will allow gamers to test this title in December only on PlayStation 4 Platform so that they can enjoy Team Deathmatch Mode. Vehicles will not be featured in the multiplayer at launch or in this beta test, but they might make an appearance later as the maps are big enough for cars and maybe even bikes.

According to trailer we can see that action will be applied around teams, where players can provide cover fire and also track enemies while they move across the map.

The new title will also feature new physics including fighting styles and more (woohoo thanks Engineers!).  Thankfully, if you’re as excited for this release as we are, we can expect the game to launch on March 18 of next year.

The single-player campaign will be applied on Nathan Drake who joins up with his lost brother to search for a pirate treasure. It will have complete new story-line with twisted fun so we are sure that when it comes time to test this game out — you’ll love it!  If you haven’t already tried any of the previous titles now is your chance as we still have a good little wait before being able to play this one; might as well get accommodated with the game!

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