Blizzard Plans to Develop an HD Remake of StarCraft, Warcraft III & Diablo II

After years of anticipation and fan-made content, Blizzard has finally decided to follow a common trend of remaking old games in a mastered and high-definition way.  Now that Blizzcon has come to an end, it looks like StarCraft, Warcraft III, and Diablo II are going to get this long awaited special treatment. Players have been asking for these re-makes for years and while some of the titles such as SC and Diablo are being updated as they are considered “current titles”, the real excite comes from the re-make of the original Warcraft games.  Nostalgia much?

We personally think that while the re-makes of these beloved games will not generate revenue a positive revenue trend, it may help Blizzard retain a solid player-base with their former cash cow WoW losing millions of subscribers.  However, Blizzard developers publishers realize the passion for these older titles and it has been a topic they have apparently discussed for years now.  Though, if these re-makes are successful there is no reason why the development time can’t be profitable — only time will tell.

With the development team looking for some new hires to help re-master these amazing games, they have a prime focus on pumping out some insane graphics while trying their best to keep the games function-able on modern day machines.  If Blizzard manages to create what they have spoken about thus far then it will be great era for the gaming community as millions of people grew up with these games. Though, as mentioned, they are still in the early development phase and it’s likely we won’t see any progress until mid-late 2016 and possibly 2017.

If you’re anything like us here at TGS little glimpses of nerd news like this tickles all the right places 🙂  There’s nothing more awesome than knowing some of your favorite games are FINALLY getting some love and are once again going to be able to be played on an entirely different level!  Those re-mastered HD peons.. mmm.. haha!

Thanks for stopping by to read this weeks friendly update and we hope you’re just as excited as you are!  With Overwatch coming out soon, Legion, and a lot of other work being put into SC and Diablo 3; this certainly is a very exciting time for Blizzard and we’re excited to see what the new year has in store for us! Happy gaming!

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