Star Wars: Battlefront — Did It Live Up To The Hype?

It’s quite possible that I may not be the most qualified individual to write about this upcoming blog snapshot — but you know what?  I’m gonna go for it.  Unlike many of my colleagues here at TGS, I’ve never really been much of a “FPS” kind-of-guy, yet alone on a console.  I’ve spent countless hours however combing through dungeon crawlers, slaying dragons or doing pretty much just about everything else.  Though, after having seen the most recent Star Wars movie I kind of was in a pretty nostalgic mood, so I said “screw it” and picked up a copy — but boy am I glad I did.

The game itself has a whole slew of game-modes that aren’t necessarily pure derivatives of your standard first-person shooter counterparts.  There are game modes where you can fly around on x-wings and defend cargo ships while taking out enemy pilots, or you can race around in pods — both of which I’ve already spent countless hours enjoying!  Though, what’s even cooler to me — is the fact that in some game modes you’re even able to play as the “hero’s” depending on which side your currently fighting for, i.e. the rebels, etc.

You’re able to force grip the life out of some noobs on Darth Vader, heal and shield your allies as Princess Leah — or even be a slimey sleezeball and be a little bit too OP for your own good on Skywalker.  Although this only names about half of the available champions you can play on a given mode — it adds such a fun and refreshing feel to the game and gives secondary points of incentives for defending players on your team as each round a different player is given the opportunity to play as one of the hero’s outlined above.

If you’re anything like me and may be a little new to games such as this one, the developers made a great job at offering plenty of introductory campaigns and training modes that offer the same exact functionality a live game would but without the obvious consequences of ruining your multiplayer stats.  Speaking from a personal standpoint, I’ve learned that I’m absolutely horrible at literally everything and anything revolving around aiming.  How is that even possible? Yeah, tell me about it.  Though I actually don’t do to bad though seeing as most game-modes offer different weapons with “lock-on” capabilities that pretty much make it pretty easy to nuke some people! Overall though, there are plenty of options available if you’re interested in honing your skills before playing live!

If you’ve been contemplating looking into picking up this game but have had your reservations because you may be unsure if it lives up to the hype, if it’s too hardcore or doesn’t offer ample game-modes to ensure longevity or bang for your buck — I’d like to formally give this title our TGS stamp of approval and say DO IT! Coming from someone who as I said gets most of his fun from MMO’s, this is a great little addition to your gaming arsenal as even the most die-hard of us MMO’ers get our burn out.  Go out and get it and let us know what you think!

2 thoughts on “Star Wars: Battlefront — Did It Live Up To The Hype?

  1. Charles says:

    I wasn’t really impressed. My son saved up money in his Game Stop account for it and was super excited when it was released. It didn’t last very long before he traded it back in. That’s a pretty good indicator for me.

  2. Kelly says:

    Great review! I thought I was going to absolutely hate it, but I loved the new Star Wars movie, and definitely can relate to the nostalgic feeling! I would been keen to try out this game with a couple of my cousins – relive our younger days! Glad to hear that the game is just as good as the new movie.

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