Beware the Ides of March: Total War: Warhammer Gets a Delay and a Big Reveal!

I know all of you guys can agree with me that second to a game completely flopping on release, there is nothing more disappointing than a game you have followed all the news, updates, hype, blogs, and even pre-ordered months in advanced getting delayed. Well for all my Warhammer and Total War fans out there I sadly report; On March 9, Total War: Warhammer was officially delayed by one month to now be released on May 24th, 2016. They have cited the delay as a necessity for stream lining the game and wanting to make it “the best Total War game they have made to date.”

For those out there (like us here at TGS) who haven’t followed the news on the game that much; Total War: Warhammer seeks to blend the Total War experience that some of us have come to know and love and infuse it with another well-loved realm: the Warhammer Fantasy setting. The Creative Assembly has stated that this will be the first of a trilogy and will include 4 of the main races in its first installment: the regal Empire, the noble Dwarfs, the bloodthirsty Greenskins, and the legions of the Vampire Counts. Warriors of Chaos will be added as a 5th playable race as a courtesy for pre-ordering the game.

What has us stoked about this game and has caught our attention is the fact that each one of these races is completely different and entirely unique in their own way. We started watching some of the gameplay videos and each one that has been released has shown a race that has completely different game mechanics, units, monsters, and even magic to wield at your disposal to conquer the Old World. The developers have seemed to go through leaps and bounds to stay as true to the tabletop as possible, while adding their own flair and style unique to the Total War games.  Consistency has been key for The Creative Assembly — and they aren’t letting us down.

Aside from the disappointments regarding the delay, the game developers today have released the first introductory showcase of its final race, The Vampire Counts. If you haven’t been introduced to the game, feel free to take a loo at the video below and watch in awe!  There really isn’t much to say other than how absolutely beastly these guys look.  In terms of faction mechanics, The Vampire Counts wield death magic to bolster their ranks with soldiers of the fallen, and their leaders fly around on Zombie Dragons…. ZOMBIE DRAGONS!!!!!!! We here at TGS are very excited to see where this extended period of development takes the title, be sure to stay tuned for more info and feel free to share your thoughts below.  Happy gaming!

See the bad-ass Mannfred Von Carstein lead his undead below:

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