How to Still Rage-Quit Over Street Fighter: A Street Fighter V Walkthrough

I’m a lover of a good fighting game and this past year or so has seen a few noteworthy entries into the genre, from Super Smash Bros. to Mortal Kombat X, each game has its own take on how to give players new ways to give their opponent a kiss with the fist. By no means am I a pro at fighting games and often times I find myself in an online match helplessly flailing around, trying to dodge the endless onslaught of my opponents rehearsed 8-hit juggling combo that somehow manages to remove half of my health bar. And Street Fighter V is no different!

I picked up the game primarily for its huge step in graphics since its predecessor and to try out some of the brand new characters added to the franchise this iteration, like Necalli and F.A.N.G. What I received, however, was my defeat…. Served on a silver platter….. For every match I won, I had to suffer through strings of pathetic defeats that just make you want to hang up your controller and curl into a helpless ball and die.

Street Fighter V introduces a nifty new V-Trigger and V-Skill system which are essentially 1 button moves or buffs that potentially give you an edge over your opponent during the course of the match once your skill bar is filled on the bottom. The skill bar also grants you access to empowered versions of your special moves, akin to the skill bar in MKX. Once the bar is filled up, like in Street Fighter 4, your character can launch a special move combo that can make or break the course of the match… unless your move is dodged, then it is most likely just a mind-numbing defeat.

So for those of you who aren’t into the whole online multiplayer experience, Street Fighter V doesn’t have much to offer you yet. You have a challenge system that allows you to learn the basics of your character in a few single round, loosely story introduced matches that explains briefly how the character came to be or where they are at now in the course of their journey. And that is about it as Street Fighter V does not have any form of arcade mode or tournament experience for single player. In June, however, Capcom promises to release a wider, overarching story mode akin to please those only interested in a single player vs AI experience. I guess until then, Street Fighter V will continue to collect dust in my game collection, as I am not worthy to play even those at their most basic.

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