The Legion is Coming: 5 Things to Do Before Their Arrival

With the arrival of the Burning Legion heralded for August 30th and calling an end to an extended content drought, we all may feel some pressure to get our accounts in order before it’s too late. Whether you are just now entering Hellfire Citadel or have long since defeated Archimonde and secured your Mythic Archimonde title and mount, there are always things to do in WoW to get ready when the next expansion looms ahead. Here are a couple of tips and things that we all can do to pass the time, (the grind is real!!), before we move on to the next phase of our journey in Azeroth.

1.The Grove Warden: Now we all have had months to run Hellfire Citadel and get our exclusive mounts and titles before the Legion release date was announced, but some of us have just brushed some of the dust off of our accounts and have begun to play again. For those who fall into that second category, defeating Archimonde on Heroic before the next patch is a necessity. Once he falls, you will obtain a Remnant of Chaos, which when taken to Moonglade will lead to a very small quest line that leads to the exclusive Grove Warden moose mount. Once the game is patched, however, the Grove Warden shall disappear, so take your chance now before it’s too late.

2. Level Some Alts: With Legion coming out soon, it is now a perfect time to take a break from our already Mythic geared main characters and dig into some alts. Maybe you are a Disc Priest with a hankering to get into some Melee DPS with a Rogue or a tank that has tanked too much, leveling a new character is a great way to learn another role in the game, catch up on some mythos, and get a few other characters ready to take into Legion for new content.

3. Raid for Transmog: We all haven’t been in the game since the beginning and as a result have, missed out on the chance to obtain some pretty awesome looking weapons and gear. And even then , that awesome looking gear is always sold or thrown out for the next new thing. Not anymore with Transmog in Legion. Transmog in Legion has gained a dramatic facelift, removing the need for excessive and limited void storage by giving you a wardrobe that has stored all past looted or rewarded . So take this extra time you have if you aren’t raiding HFC and get into some Legacy Raids. You may even get a rare mount (I got Ashes yesterday)!

4. Profession Building: If you have followed any Legion updates, you will know that endgame professions in Legion have a new form. Recipes now can be earned through quest lines from characters at your Order Halls. If you haven’t reached 700 yet, take the gold earned from the loot you won’t use in your classic solo-raids and use it to buy some mats and get your professions up there!

5. PvP: PvP is a great way to make the game fresh again. With assortments of Battlegrounds and locales to choose from, each experience is different from the last. You will get some awesome looking gear with your Conquest points and Honor and that loot is still good enough to be taken to get your Grove Warden. A win-win? I think so!

I’m sure there are several other things I didn’t mention that you can do in game before Legion comes out, but these are awesome tips to get you pointed in any desired direction. Some may feel jaded by Blizzard with the current quality of WoW, but we all still play and have fun, right? So get out there and get ready, for the Legion comes! Let us know what your goals are before the release of this highly anticipated expansion! Comment below!

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  1. Jamie says:

    The game play screen shots for this look as good as the reviews sound. These are great tips. Of course PvP is my preferred way to go when things get boring. Leave it to battlegrounds to liven things up a little. Never gets old.

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