NX a No Show? Nintendo’s E3 2016 Details (or Lack Thereof)

To all of our Nintendo friends out there who have waited to hear any news about the company’s cryptic new console, we have news. And the news is… there is no news! That’s right, once again Nintendo is cutting back its E3 press conference, but this time it is almost nonexistent. The only thing demoing at E3 this year is The Legend of Zelda WiiU, which is ironically not being released until 2017, with it also being supported for the NX. These decisions are without-a-doubt raising a lot of questions regarding the direction of the company, and innately — it’s future.

If anyone has followed the new Legend of Zelda game, you will know it features a larger, more open world than its predecessors as well as mini dungeons and a non-linear story featuring tons of side quests and missions that aren’t set to be played in a particular order (other than the story that is). The footage showed last year at E3 is gorgeous and boasts a creative, painterly quality to the animations different from other installations in the series.

Seriously though, Nintendo… what exactly is going on here?  We understand the company in general has gone through some major structural changes given the unfortunate loss of their form Chief, however with all due respect there are still tons of the games for the WiiU that can be supported and all you can give us is a demo of one game?! We over here at TGS are in love with the new Legend of Zelda, but with other releases set to hit both the Nintendo 3DS this year and the WiiU still receiving support and Nintendo’s future in mobile gaming, why aren’t you guys doing more for your fans? Show off your assets and hype some of the amazing things you have coming your way. Give us a sneak peek at some of the ideas you have for the NX and what you are working on to make this new console so revolutionary. We’re still with you guys, but give us more! Show me Pokemon Sun and Moon, Pokemon:Go!, Paper Mario, Yooka-Laylee, anything!

Maybe this is all part of the master plan though… perhaps the NX is so amazing and completely revolutionary, that our eyes will water with the tears of a thousand excitements. One thing we can agree with critics on is Nintendo has been redeveloping how it reaches its fans through Nintendo Directs, gearing fans up with whats coming out at certain points throughout the year, rather than pouring all of their resources into one event. And historically at E3, Nintendo has always been beaten out by Sony and Microsoft. So hopefully shortly after E3, we will see Nintendo stick to the Direct model and let information trickle down throughout the year instead of in just one event. Nintendo has stated the NX is slated for release in March of 2017 with the Legend of Zelda being released for WiiU and NX at some point in 2017.

Overall I suppose we’ll have to make-due with some other cross-platform releases this upcoming year since as the new FFXIV content releases (more info on that later), World of Wracraft: Legion, and so on.  We are excited to see the future of NX, we’re just wishing it would happen a little more transparently (and of course, sooner). What do you guys have to think about Nintendo’s lack of presence at E3?  Leave your comments below, and thanks for reading!  Happy gaming!

One thought on “NX a No Show? Nintendo’s E3 2016 Details (or Lack Thereof)

  1. Kenny says:

    How unfortunate, I love Nintendo, I grew up on it! I’m not sure what they have going on with their company, but I sure wish they could speed up the process. 2017 is far away for a gamer like me! Hopefully it’s worth the wait.

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