Overwatch Review Pt. 2: The Final Product

So after a number of hours playing Overwatch, here is the follow-up to the beta review posted last week. As detailed in the last review, we here at TGS thought the Beta was a solid and great introduction into Overwatch. The Overwatch Beta gave us a glimpse into what the game had to offer, which was a number of gorgeously crafted maps, various characters all with their own unique abilities and play styles, and a fun and easy gameplay atmosphere that allows players to switch between characters on the fly to suit the needs of the team. With that said, here is the final denomination:

I’ve spent most of my time as Junkrat, an Aussie pyromaniac with penchant for bombs and grenades. Blizzard has done an excellent job of not only creating a great personality for this character, but for all of them. Any time you hop in, each character has their own banter and unique play style that is tailored right into their personality. It’s fun to hear Junkrat giggle as he hits people with his satchel charges. Even the customization on the number of characters is amazing, from changing costumes to voice lines and victory poses. However, these are locked behind an earn-as-you-go or microtransaction basis. You open a random loot box and get what’s inside without any choice involved. Hopefully a way to earn tokens to buy the things you want for the characters you like is released. And what one hopes is that these aren’t the only heroes of Overwatch we get to meet along the way and Blizzard will be quick to supply the game with more characters for us to cause mayhem or heal our allies in our pursuit of victory.

Aside from the carefully crafted work that has gone into the characters, the maps and environments are gorgeous! The different game modes take you from a sandy, ruined Egyptian town to a modern Chinese megalopolis. With that said, there are still only 3 different game modes, the same ones from the beta. Although fun, when playing on a team you notice that people are aching just to kill each other in an all-out frenzy rather than just sit and try to take and defend objectives. We find that Overwatch lacks some sort of team death match or capture the flag, where taking down the opposing players will whet of those who just want to kill, kill, kill. Hopefully within the month, Blizzard will open up its maps to some more game modes or release new ones with different game modes to assist with the longevity of the game.

A slight critique of the game is the manner in which team building is handled. In the game, you are allowed to take hold of any hero, regardless of whomever has possession of it. This makes for some frustration as your team will frequently build a nonsensical comp of 2 Genjis, 3 Bastions, and you deciding whether a support or a tank will be better. Sometimes these comps work and it can be frustrating as hell! Trying to build a turret as Torbjorn while 2 Pharahs are raining missile death upon you takes some of the balance and fun out of the game. Blizzard either needs to create a different matchmaking mode, where it is on a draft pick or locked until released basis or change the rules of the base game. No need to remove the fun and balance for all players out of the game when you can make such an easy change.

All frustrations aside, Overwatch is an amazingly addictive, fun but frustrating, solid and beautiful addition to Blizzard’s gaming catalogue. We hope that they continue to frequently support the game with more content and make a few balancing changes to appease the majority. We look forward to seeing what else there is to offer in Overwatch and seeing what updates and changes are to come.  If you’ve spent an unhealthy amount of time within this new Universe let us know!  We’d love to hear what you have to say in the comments section below.  Happy gaming!

One thought on “Overwatch Review Pt. 2: The Final Product

  1. Kelly says:

    I’m not sure whether I’m going to enjoy this game, but I’m definitely willing to try new things, so may as well give this ago. A mate of mine has just bought it, so I might head around their’s to see what it’s all about. I guess if I get addicted I’ll have to go out and buy it.

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