I Expect You Die Gives You the VR James Bond Experience With a Twist

I Expect You Die has not even been released yet and it is already racking up awards for its thrilling and innovative game play. Schell Games delivers the secret agent virtual reality game you never knew you needed. Picture yourself as the world’s greatest secret agent. You have a penchant for getting yourself out of almost impossible situations.

In I Expect You to Die, you aren’t relying on your charm, fists, or your Walther PPK to save you. You must use your brains, and your telekinesis, to keep from being shot, blown up, cut to pieces by lasers, and many other messy endings. The game is challenging, but never takes itself too seriously. It is both a series of mind-bending puzzles, and a brilliant satire of the secret agent genre popularized in the James Bond franchise.


This first-person puzzler requires you to look for the less than obvious solutions when attempting your escape. Each scene is full of objects, many of them out of reach, which could prove useful in your escape. However, many of the objects, both near and far, may also trigger a cataclysm. Early players reported having to use a lot of trial-and-error, especially early on in the game as they got used to the rules and conventions of the world. One common example is nearly everyone blowing themselves up when they try and start the car.

Schell wisely utilizes the full capabilities of the new Rift touch controllers. The game will also work with an Xbox controller. But, if you want the complete immersive experience you will want to use the touch controllers. The character’s telekinetic abilities play a major part in solving many of the games more intractable puzzles. The touch controllers make manipulating distant objects much more pleasant.

While it’s an obvious choice to make a virtual reality game first person, Schell makes a daring choice in making all the settings static. You find yourself behind a desk, in your archenemy’s deluxe sport’s car, and trapped in a chair in a room that is about to go up in smoke, among other challenging situations. The game focuses on object manipulation as you solve the puzzles. Finding yourself stuck in one position actually makes the game more intense and the puzzles more challenging.

The Experience

I Expect You Die may not be perfect for every gamer. The puzzles are challenging, and as the name of the game suggests, you will die. A lot. If you aren’t up for difficult puzzles that require both quick thinking and a fair amount of trial-and-error, you may find this game too frustrating.

However, if you love a good challenge, and can appreciate a good joke, even if the joke is on you, you will happily lose countless hours honing your skills as a brilliant and daring secret agent. You will also get used to dying in spectacular ways.

The scenes are beautiful and incredibly detailed. If you are a true fan of secret agent films, you will find many Easter eggs and inside jokes.

I Expect You to Die will be released in the fall 0f 2016.

ImageSource: Schell Games Press Kit


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  1. Kelly says:

    The graphics in the pictures look really good! I used to love playing Golden Eye on the Nintendo when I was a kid – would definitely be keen to play this new James Bond game as well. Especially if you can play as teams – I’m not sure whether that is possible? I definitely prefer team games.

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