Monthly Archives: July 2016

The Assembly: A Thriller Disguised as a Game

The promise of VR is that games will no longer be something you just play, but something you experience. One of the first titles to fully live up to that promise is The Assembly from nDreams. The Assembly is primarily an intense drama. It is a thriller disguised as a game. The Setup You play […]

We Happy Few: Surviving in a Dystopian, Drug Fueled England

In gaming today, we are in an era where consumers are demanding open worlds, bigger stories, overwhelming content, and “more free” decision-making over the course of play within each game. To date, most game companies have continued to deliver what we are demanding, with games such as Grand Theft Auto Online and The Witcher 3 […]

CastleStorm VR Makes the Jump From Mobile to VR Seamlessly

CastleStorm Virtual Reality VR

VR was expected to be a showcase for first person storytelling. While most of the VR titles scheduled to be released fit that formula, Zen Studios is trying something different with its VR launches. CastleStorm is not a new game. It has is available on PC, consoles, and mobile devices. But, the way Zen Studios […]

Surviving the Night: The Paranormal Activity VR Experience

This year we have seen major developments in gaming, but none as exciting and potentially titilating as VR. Every gamer on the planet has imagined when it will be possible to fully immerse oneself into their favorite games and play as or alongside our favorite characters. Whether it is running through the streets as an […]

Zombie Trigger: A VR Horror Title to Get Excited About

  Just when it seems like the zombie trend might finally be played out, the popular horror staple comes roaring back to life. Zombie Trigger is the perfect VR game for anyone who has watched The Walking Dead and thought they had what it takes to fight an angry horde of zombies.   This first-person […]

Disney Infinity Cancelled: Is the Toys to Life Genre Dwindling?

At one point in time, we were all children.. some of us admittedly more nerdy than others, but hey who’s judging here? We played with our toys, creating stories and imagining they had their own unique personalities, and overall had a great time doing so (at least we hope!). We ultimately saw a glimpse of this […]

Dead Bug Creek Might be the Ultimate Prize

It’s not just the major studios that are ramping up their VR releases. Indie game developers are also releasing several games across the major VR platforms. One of the most interesting of the indie games is Dead Bug Creek from California Rex. The Story You start the game as an alien exploring Earth in search […]