Dead Bug Creek Might be the Ultimate Prize

It’s not just the major studios that are ramping up their VR releases. Indie game developers are also releasing several games across the major VR platforms. One of the most interesting of the indie games is Dead Bug Creek from California Rex.

The Story

You start the game as an alien exploring Earth in search of the “Ultimate Prize”. As players you have no idea what the ultimate prize is. However, before too much progress can made towards the mission you encounter a cute and mischievous Earthling named Flora.

Flora takes you around the desolate and strange town of Dead Bug Creek. Here you meet a variety of strange and charming characters. You also get the sense that there is more to this town, improbably stuck in the middle of the desert, than meets the eye.

Game Play

This first person adventure game relies heavily on a gamepad. You make your way through the story by interacting with other characters and going on various side quests that get you closer to your end goal. The game features a variety of different puzzles and challenges to keep things interesting and to keep you on track. Your character always has a treasure-tracking device called the P.W.O.P.P.P.L.E. to help you locate coins and other items. The coins are used in various gaming machines located around town. The interesting items that you locate are sent back to the ship for further cataloging and study.

The game is reminiscent of the popular adventure games of the 1990’s. The stylized visuals draw you into the world and make every strange thing that happens to you completely believable.

The game balances cute characters with the mysterious quest and the dark atmosphere of the tiny desert town. At its best moments, playing Dead Bug Creek is like being in a Tim Burton movie. You are never quite sure what will happen next. You are both excited and a little nervous about what might be lurking just around the corner.

The Developers

California Rex is a two-person shop. Developers Ashley Pinnick and Antonio Chang have recently released Dead Bug Creek into beta. The pair says the major influences for their game include The X-Files, Goonies, and Psychonauts. Once you begin to explore the expansive world the developers have made you see that they have somehow managed to seamlessly blend each of this disparate elements into something creepy, cool, and engaging.

Given the developers backgrounds working for Disney, Sony, Paramount, and Lucas Film, it is no surprise that the story behind Dead Bug Creek is incredible. Even though there is so much to explore and do in this game, you never lose track of the central plot of the game.

Recently the game has undergone a complete overhaul and the creators are running a Kickstarter to raise funds to complete the last details. When this game is finally released, it will be worth the wait. As far as indie VR games go, Dead Bug Creek is sure to be the Ultimate Prize.

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