We Happy Few: Surviving in a Dystopian, Drug Fueled England

In gaming today, we are in an era where consumers are demanding open worlds, bigger stories, overwhelming content, and “more free” decision-making over the course of play within each game. To date, most game companies have continued to deliver what we are demanding, with games such as Grand Theft Auto Online and The Witcher 3 delivering on offering more content and nearly completely open worlds without borders. Even still, gamers demand more and this year we have many notable titles coming out that step up to this open world format. One with enough creepiness and macabre to take note of is We Happy Few. This game is bursting with character, and the one we shall explore for today’s snipped into the weekly 411!


We Happy Few is an open world, survival horror game set in a dystopian, retro-futuristic England. Over the course of the game, you will find out how this seemingly perfect, happy utopia is on the brink of collapse, and if you don’t take particular drugs that keep you upbeat and positive, you will become the target of all the citizens around you that will force you to comply. This dystopian concept, not unique, seems to fit this world wonderfully. Watching a gameplay video featuring some story content, your character is seen censoring depressing news within the newspaper before distributing it to the populace, all the while your supervisor is coming in to make sure that you are taking your Joy, the drug of choice in the game that is supposed to cover up all vestiges of the depressing reality around you. Upon not taking your joy, you witness your colleagues breaking a pinata and eating the candy, which in reality is a giant rat and they are really consuming the rat’s entrails.


       The visuals of the game are very retro-rad meets Tim Burton in a cartoon world. They are beautiful and macabre and stunning, not all unlike Bioshock and Bioshock Infinite. The style seems to be a perfect fit for this apparent utopia that is on the brink of collapse. As this is an open world, survival game, you must maintain certain needs (like thirst, hunger, etc.) in order to survive and make your own play style, whether it is conformity to this world’s social standards, stealthing your way through the streets of this seemingly and chaotically perfect England, or fighting your way to the truth behind it all. The game will also feature crafting and material gathering, always in order to better equip yourself with armor, weaponry, and buffs to survive in a world that is actively trying to kill you if they detect you are not like them. What we are most interested in is to see just how this world came to be, what is making everyone want to kill you for not conforming, and what exactly happens if you do maintain the proper social constructs based within the game.


The good news is that Early Access for this title comes out July 26 on Steam, so you don’t have long to wait before you get the chance to dive into Wellington Wells and uncover its secrets while trying to survive the ever-growing unstable happy horde. We are excited to get our hands on this title and see how it stacks up to its features and how it compares to other games of the genre. Remember guys, always take your Joy!

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