The Burning Legion Arrives: Pre-Patch 7.0 and What’s to Come

World of Warcraft has always had a special relationship with gamers. Us nerds sink hundreds of hours into dungeoneering, raiding, PvP, questing, and building guilds in an ever-growing online world. We here can attest to all the time it takes to pick a character and a class to main, building that character all the way to max level (without boosting, ya noobs! :P), and then taking that same character on to raid and PvP to get the best gear and make it to the top. Lately, however, Warlords of Draenor has gotten old, and saggy. Most players have finished the content available for WoD and seek to have change come, and fast! WoD hasn’t seen as much content released as past expansions have and we are crying for more! And while WoW hasn’t had as much excitement with the most recent expansions and patches, Blizzard is looking to make a huge comeback with the release of its 5th expansion to Azeroth, Legion. And with the 7.0 pre-patch having just been released, we shall fill you in on some of  the changes that have come and some of the events to battle through before August 30th.


Have you felt that classes have become tired in this expansion? Are you wishing for new animations and fresh spells and changes to your Mage or Hunter? Well fear not, as many classes and class features have seen a huge rework with the release of this patch and we are going to cover some of the major changes that Blizzard has brought to the table. For starters, a few class specializations have seen some major reworks. Survival Hunters can now fight in the frey alongside Warriors and Paladins as a complete melee specialization. Demonology Warlocks instead of undergoing a metamorphosis are completely pet based, being able to call on temporary demons such as Dreadstalkers and Wild Imps to assist in their spellcraft. Many classes and specs have seen the addition of new resources to use in rotation, such as Astral Power for Druids and Maelstrom for Shamans. Raid-wide buffs like Call of the Wild and Arcane Intellect have been removed from the game, with these stats instead being increased in each class to make each one feel more viable. On top of all this freshness, you can now freely choose between your specs and have access to all three rather than selecting two and forgetting about the third.


Transmog has seen a complete overhaul, making it much more accessible and free flowing. Transmog is now an account-wide system that catalogues everything you collect from every character and makes it available, with restrictions based on armor type and class. Three new tabs have been added, including Shirts, Tabards, and Illusions. There is no need any longer to keep your bank and bags full of gear to transform into, so you can sell the rest as you are able. All that is needed is the item to become soulbound and then it is automatically logged as an appearance in your wardrobe. Bosses and rep vendors now pass out Illusion tomes to give your weapons the enchantments you want them to look like they have. You can also log your appearances and name them, so you can easily flip to one of your favorites with the click of the mouse! If you haven’t collected certain appearances, never fear as when you hover over an item it will tell you where it comes from and how to get it — no more clunky addons needed for that! 🙂

Demon Hunters and Demon Invasions:

Although we have yet to sample the Demon Hunter class, Blizzard has announced that Demon Hunters will unlock to those whom have prepurchased the Legion expansion on August 9th. Demon Hunters have two specializations: the DPS Havoc spec and the Tank Vengeance spec. They are only available to two races, Night Elf for Alliance and Blood Elf for Horde. Also, they are ready to jump into Legion Content and will start at level 98 with a storyline of their own like that of the Death Knights from Wrath of the Lich King. Also coming on August 9 is the main event of the pre-patch, Demon Invasions. Demon Invasions will occur within 6 zones on Azeroth: Azshara, Dun Morogh, Hillsbrad Foothills, Northern Barrens, Tanaris, and Westfall. Completing one will award you with the Stand Against the Legion feat of strength and completing all 6 will net you the Defender of Azeroth: Legion Invasions feat. Now these will not occur at the same time and seem to be a group scenario with multiple stages.  Completing these events will give you Nethershards, which can ultimately be used to purchase special transmog ensembles and event pets and weapons.

The pre-patch and expansion all seem to revitalize WoW and bring something that each expansion has introduced and makes it better. We look forward to get our hands into some of the features yet to come, such as World Quests, Profession Quests, and Order Halls. Hopefully, Blizzard has heeded the call of fans from this last expansion and we see more dungeons, raids, and content. Legion already starts with 3 raids, so hopefully we will see a number of patches that unlock more and breathe life into the game at regular intervals. Legion will unlock on August 30th, so grab your staff and armor… for the Legion has come.

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