Lose Control as You Are Set ADR1FT

While ADR1FT was originally designed as a desktop game, it is the perfect vehicle for VR. You play the role of an astronaut, stuck in space, with no memory of how you go there or what damaged the space station and killed everyone else on board. Once you strap on the VR headset and begin to float through the wreckage without so much as a beep to keep you company, you start to feel curious and claustrophobic all at once.

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ADR1FT is filled with incredible scenery. When looking through your Oculus headset you are looking out at space through the heads up display on your visor. The visor gives you all kinds of critical information, including your oxygen level. For most of the game you are piloting a small vehicle from a chair. The game is designed to work with the Xbox One controller.

The premise of the game works well for VR. It is easy to sit in your chair with your headset on and find yourself transported to a chair on a spaceship navigating your way through different obstacles and puzzles, while constantly monitoring your vital stats. The game has two primary objectives. One is to do whatever it takes to stay alive. While you are busy trying not to die, you also need to figure out what happened to the space station.

The game is rated as intense by Oculus. This is not because of any graphic content, but because the isolation and space setting can make sensitive players feel dizzy, nauseous, and disoriented. For most people, it just increases the feeling of losing control that you want from a solid VR title.

Story Issues With ADR1FT

ADR1FT is not a perfect game. During the middle stages of the game you spend a lot of time performing monotonous and repetitive repair tasks. You also still do not have a clear understanding of what happened. The narrative of the game wears thin and some players will quit without ever finding out if the payoff at the end of the game is worth it (it is).

It would be nice if there was more variety to the repair tasks or if you had a better sense of how everything fit together earlier in the game.

Great Way to Experience VR

However, even with the story issues, ADR1FT is a game worth owning. It has everything a VR game needs:

  • Immersive world
  • Interesting concept
  • Makes you feel like you are really there
  • Challenging gameplay

The reason ADR1FT works so well is that it allows you to experience losing control in a carefully managed way. It is exhilarating to realize you are one mistake from death, but comforting to know that should you run out of oxygen or drift too close to the wrong things you will live to try again.

ADR1FT is an excellent game both for those new to VR and for VR veterans looking for their next challenge. Make sure you check it out.


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