The Climb Takes VR to New Heights

The Climb manages to both be the exact type of virtual reality game everyone expected the new technology to produce and a complete revelation in what is possible. In The Climb, you are rock climber. You are faced with several different challenging situations. In each case your job is to make it to the top without dying.


The game is designed to be played with touch controllers, but you can also use a combination of a gamepad and head tracking. For most of the game you just control two arms. Even though The Climb is a rock climbing simulation, very few of the motions and actions required to play the game are anything like what you would actually use while rock climbing.

It takes some time to get used to awkward motions required to master the difficult climbs. But, once you understand the mechanics of the game, you quickly forget about how unnatural they are and focus instead on not plummeting to your death.

If you are afraid of heights, this game may not be for you. The graphics are stunning. Sometimes it feels like you are in the middle of a motion picture, and not a VR game. Some players ever reported feeling dizzy when looking down at the virtual ground while ascending a cliff face.


In addition to finding your holds, you also have to manage your fatigue level. If you hang for too long by one hand, or go too long without chalking your hands, you will slip and fall until your world fades to white. It actually takes considerable strategy to navigate your way up a cliff and manage your fatigue.

In addition to the different courses, there are also a number of different challenges you can master. These give you a reason to return to the game, even after finishing the courses. The challenges range from speed trials to completing courses without using any chalk.


The Climb is not without its issues. Once you master the basic strategy, you quickly realize that there will always be a convenient handhold nearby. You can save yourself from many falls, with the most improbable single finger holds.

The game itself is shorter than many other VR titles. It will take most players three to six hours to complete the game. Experienced VR players will likely finish everything in less than four hours.

Overall Impression

The Climb is a solid title. The game is beautiful and is fun to play. For many people, it is the closest they will ever get to actual death defying rock climbing. That is the point of VR, to provide you with realistic experiences you could never really experience. Even though the game runs a little short and the climbing is often a little short on realism, The Climb is still a great way to spend your time. The game is worth playing just to gawk at the stunning cliffs. The challenges in the game mean that even if you finish the courses quickly, you will still have hours of replay value, trying to complete everything,

If you are looking for a little simulated outdoor adventure, go ahead and check out The Climb. Just try not to look down.

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