Chronos: Finally a VR RPG Worth Your Time

One of the basic rules in Chronos also happens to be exactly what my mother warned me about when I started playing video games. Every time you enter the labyrinth in the game you lose a little bit of your life. You start the game young, quick, and full o f hope. You end the game, old, slow, but wise and powerful. This VR RPG is so detailed, complex, and compelling, you may feel much the same way as the character in the game once you finish it.


Chronos is a third person game that uses a fixed camera angle like in the classic Resident Evil games. This pairs nicely with the VR headset. It gives you the feeling of always being in the thick of the action. The developers have also incorporated the fixed camera angle as a key component of some of the combat. There are stone statues that only move when you are not looking at them. You can hear them move as you move through the room, but you will have to crane your next around to spot them to keep them from killing you with a single blow.

Most of the game is spent navigating dungeons and solving puzzles. While, there are plenty of enemies to fight, combat is not your primary focus. Further evidence of the puzzle-centric nature of the game can be found in the limited number of weapons you have access to as you make your way through the game. You can level up your weapons, but these efforts only bring modest improvement to your stats.


Instead your main focus is on solving the puzzles and adapting to your changing character. Every time you die you respawn a year older. As you age, your character changes. Over time, you are forced to become more reliant on Arcane, Chronos’s version of magic, and less reliant on your speed and strength.


Almost every review of Chronos mentions the similarities to Zelda. The dungeons feel like they would not be out of place in a VR version of the Nintendo classic. But, the game is also clearly influenced by Dark Souls, and even Doctor Who.

All of these different influences are blended seamlessly creating a world that feels familiar, but is still unique. One of the interesting choices in the game is that there are few NPC’s to interact with. Most of the time it is just you and a dark dungeon. While this puts off some players, it works well to draw you into the game and becomes strangely compelling.



Chronos is not a perfect RPG. But, it will give you hours and hours of enjoyment. It does a good job of keeping the puzzles interesting and challenging, without making them too difficult. It also mixes different adventure elements with classic RPG style elements. Even after you finally complete the game, you will likely find yourself wanting more. It is the best VR RPG experience currently available.

Chronos is an excellent way to spend a little bit of your life.

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