Resident Evil 7: Exploring the Baker House

Resident Evil is no longer the franchise that it once was. Beginning as a pixelated, survival horror story in a decrepit mansion, Resident Evil 6 transformed the game into a format that was not well received by fans and audiences. Resident Evil 7, while once again changing the game format, has done so and then returned to the core, survival horror elements of the game. From what it looks like, the title is definitely a return to form, while creating something unique and amazing that any person, long time fan or newcomer can enjoy. Here’s what we think about the game thus far:

Without giving too much of the story away, you play Ethan, a man who has tracked his missing wife to the bayou of Louisiana. Upon getting there, you are captured by a cannibalistic family and taken to their mansion, in which you must escape. What’s amazing is the hearken back to the original, where you play in this gigantic mansion full of puzzles and traps, all the while trying to avoid a sure death at the hands of zombies and other vicious creatures. Resident Evil 7 is a major departure from the story established in the past entries to the series, although there are moments that recall Raccoon City and the other locations you visit in the past games. However, gone are the zombies and the traditional T-virus storylines and instead you have a game that can be very much a standalone in the series. The Baker residence in and of itself is a vast complex, requiring much exploration and knowledge of various hiding places and nooks and crannies to dodge from and escape the members of this family that seek to murder and devour you.


The gameplay, if one just watches a video, is starkly different from the predecessors. No longer are you placed behind a third person camera and instead are launched right into the eyes of the protagonist. As a result, the first person can be a little overwhelming at times and can lend to some motion sickness in susceptible people on top of some of the utter scary and startling moments already riddled throughout the game. However, Resident Evil 7 also takes the game back to its survival horror roots, making ammo and healing items scarce and instead making Ethan more reliant on fleeing from combat when able instead of standing and fighting. It is a marked change when switching from playing elite, specially trained police officers or special forces agents to just playing some average guy like Ethan. This furthers the sense of helplessness and vulnerability the player has, as you don’t fully know what you are dealing with and have very limited resources on hand at any given time to assist you in escaping the Baker Manor. Sounds pretty exciting, right? Trust us, it is!


Resident Evil 7 is also fully VR capable, allowing the player to immerse themselves even further into this world. The VR is amazing, but can at times lend to a difficult playing experience as some of the elements of the game are much darker than what is seen on the TV screen. As with all technology, use wisely and be ready to set the game down once you may start to feel nauseous (if at all); but generally we feel it’s worth dying fo.. I mean trying out! However, having VR with this game lends to an even spookier, terrifying atmosphere that just isn’t the same when you are playing on the screen. If you’re wanting to really get a feel for this dark, mysterious and death-ridden manor then you need to give it a shot!


Resident Evil 7 is a fun, amazing return to base for Capcom in this series. And beyond just a return, it turns the game on its head and goes back to its survival roots and mo
rphs the game with new gameplay mechanics that lend itself well to the story and the game. Although at times the game both in regular and VR formats can cause the player some dizziness and motion sickness, the first-person atmosphere reminds the player of Outlast and other survivor horror games and fits like a glove with the new, chilling environment of the Baker Manor. If survival horror is your thing, do not miss this installment in the Resident Evil franchise and let’s hope Capcom continues to deliver more like this. Give it a shot and let us know what you think, or if you could handle the first-person VR experience! Happy Gaming!


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