Exploring Horizon: Zero Dawn & Robotic Dinasours

This year is set to be chock-full of big releases and hit titles. Amongst names like God of War, Resident Evil, and The Legend of Zelda, where can other games compete? Well, Sony thinks they have just the competitor! Enter Horizon: Zero Dawn, Sony Interactive’s new open-world game set to release at the end of this month, and boy does it look awesome! Being a new franchise, Horizon has a lot to compete with this year but by the looks of it; the new title seems to have promise. So, let’s dive in!


From the looks of it, Horizon: Zero Dawn takes place in a post-civilization, post-apocalyptic world. Based on the trailer, our heroine, Aloy, is on a journey to discover what happened to most of her tribe after a devastating attack. This leads her onto a journey outside of her tribal home into a vast wild dominated by potentially hostile tribes and massive, animal like machines that have come to dominate most of their world. The game spans a vast world containing jungles, icy mountains, deserts, and what seems to be a big city inhabited by a post-modern, tribal like culture. With Aloy, you must take on quests from other allied tribes and journey through this open world to find out what happened to your tribe and become involved in a deeper mystery into some of the behavior of the machines she encounters.

Gameplay and Graphics:

Horizon looks a lot like Lord of the Rings: Shadow of Mordor, with much of the stealth/combat gameplay coinciding with things that have already been done before. Some of the machines you can climb on top of and reveal a wider area and others you can mount and use to travel more quickly around the world (pretty sweet, right?!). Aloy makes extensive use of her bow and arrow, using it to target certain weak points on the machines and other enemies she encounters. In addition, she has an extensive skill tree to upgrade and give her different buffs and abilities to assist her in navigating this treacherous world she finds herself in. Visually speaking, Horizon: Zero Dawn is gorgeous! The amount of detail that went into the human characters, let alone the massive mechs and machines is astounding. Including a dynamic day-night and weather cycle, this graphical monstrosity can be navigated, per the developer, with very minimal loading screens.

To sum it all up, Horizon: Zero Dawn looks to be an interesting and beautiful addition to the glut of major games coming this year. One concern is that the beauty and story won’t be enough to cover gameplay that looks extremely like things that have been done in the past. All in all, the title seems promising and we can’t wait to get in-game and provide you a first look at what’s going to be shipped with the title! Until then folks, happy gaming!


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