Treasure Trove Recommendation: Stellaris

In this blog, we ventured to do something a little different than our typical up-coming and sneak peak game introductions. With the steady flow of games that comes year after year, one may find their game collection piling up, despite the fact that they haven’t completed or even touched the one’s purchased prior. With that in mind, we are going to take a quick look back into last year’s released and showcase a game that is not only visually beautiful but is mechanically interesting: Stellaris.

What the Story has to Offer:

Stellaris is a 4x grand strategy game by Paradox Interactive released in May of last year. One notably great thing about Paradox grand strategy games is that although the game is set in a particular period or genre, the story is all yours to make! Stellaris is no exception to this idea; you create your own race or choose from a premade selection and then go about making your own empire and explore your own sized galaxy to expand into. The victory conditions of each game are not clear, but there is no time limit to finish the game by; essentially allowing you to play until you meet those victory conditions in real time.

Gameplay and Customization:

Stellaris plays from the top down, like any strategy game. The game is not turn based but takes place in real time. When you wish to stop and take a look at the details of your empire, you can pause the game and select your planets or a variety of drop down menus to display where areas need attention or what you need to do with your different units. Remarkably, Stellaris gives the player a variety of customization options. When creating your empire, you go through different race options, traits, starting technology. During the course of the game, you choose which technologies to research, which leaders or scientists you wish to lead a ship or fleet, even what you want your ship to be outfitted with as you sail through space. There are very few limits to playstyles, other than the resource thresholds you meet when you need to make purchases or use your resources for construction.

Overall Opinion: PLAY IT!

Stellaris is an in-depth strategy game worthy of a revisit or a first-time play if you didn’t pick it up in May. Through its depth, Paradox created a stimulating and addictive experience that will keep players coming back for more to experience the different tweaks and traits you can add to other empires. On the same note, Paradox has recently announced its expansion to Stellaris, Utopia coming this April. In Utopia, you take the game one step further, building megastructures in your system and further progressing along your ideologies into different ascension paths, further granting perks to your civilization as you forge across the empire. If you happen to give it a shot we’d love to know what you think of the game!  Let us know in the comment sectioins below.

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