Everything Blizzard Report: Where Are We Headed?

As partially revealed during Blizzcon, Blizzard has given a sneap peak into many upcoming updates to their gaming roster. Whether you lead your forces to victory in Starcraft, gang up against bosses in World of Warcraft, lead your hero to victory in Overwatch, or stack up your deck against fellow tavern goers in Hearthstone; Blizzard has a little something to offer everyone for all of their upcoming games.

World of Warcraft:

Although a release date has yet to be announced, we have been provided with a steady stream of updates regarding patch 7.2: The Tomb of Sargeras. In this next patch, the Alliance and the Horde, following their victory over Gul’dan in the Nighthold and the reawakening of Illidan Stormrage, will take the fight to the Legion base in the Broken Isles, the Tomb of Sargeras. In this new patch, the Tomb of Sargeras opens to raiders seeking to defeat the Legion and push them out of Azeroth. In this 9-boss raid culminating with a battle against a returned Kil’Jaeden and the Avatar of Sargeras himself, players have the opportunity to earn the next tier 20 sets, which are inspirations and reworks of prior beloved Burning Crusade armor sets. In addition to the new raid, a new area, The Broken Shore, opens for new quest lines, a new faction, and more world quests for your grinding pleasure. The Class Hall campaign continues, as heroes are granted the opportunity to earn a special class mount and new champions to send on missions around the Broken Isles.


With the release of Orisa on the horizon, Overwatch competitive and casual modes are about to get more interesting. Blizzard revealed Orisa slowly over the past couple of months, and we are finally on the eve of her release. Orisa is a robotic, centurion tank who is devoted to shielding and buffing her allies to victory. Wielding a chain-gun arm, Orisa can fire a stream of 150 shots before reloading. In addition, she can also deploy a strong shield on a particular location and during her ultimate, she sets down a supercharger, which grants buffs to her ally’s movement speed, shielding, and health for a brief period of time or until the supercharger is destroyed by enemy fire. Although much speculation led players to believe Doomfist was to be revealed, this tank will be a welcome addition and change to the current team line-up.


To round up our updates, Hearthstone has revealed their next card expansion, Journey to Ungoro. Journey to Ungoro takes players back to Ungoro Crater, in which the Keepers experimented with pre-Azerothian history life forms. Boasting 135 new cards, this expansion also changes the current standard format, with Blackrock Mountain, the Grand Crusade, and the League of Explorers set to be retired to Wild deck mode only. Journey to Ungoro introduces a new keyword and a new card type to the game. The Adapt keyword, in which the card will be infused with elemental power and the minion will be given 3 options to choose from on playing the card. Additionally, the Quest card type will be released. Quest cards have an objective that once completed, will grant the player with incredible rewards. The quest card always appears in the opening hand, always giving players the chance to build a particular deck around these new card types.

So what excites you the most? Do you wish to take Orisa for a spin? Journey with your deck to Ungoro Crater? Or take the fight directly to the Legion and destroy the Tomb of Sargeras once and for all? Let us know what changes and updates you’re most interested in trying out once released below!

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