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Anyone who plays World of Warcraft knows that the lore behind the story is rich and very entertaining. However, there is so much, it’s very overwhelming.  I’m going to break down the lore behind Azeroth so you can know what’s really going on.

The Beginning

The first beings that emerged out of the chaos of the universe with a mission to bring order were the Titans.  Their champion was Sargeras, who fought and imprisoned any evil and chaos he came across in the universe.  After many millennia Sargeras began to doubt that the Titan’s mission to bring order.  He thought that if the natural order of the universe was chaos, who are the Titans to try and control that?  Slowly, Sargeras became corrupt and freed all the beings he had imprisoned.  Sargeras took up the cause to stop the Titans and he created the Burning Legion to help him do it.



While Sargeras is busy creating the Burning Legion, the other Titans come across the planet that they later will name Azeroth.  This planet is in complete chaos with the very elements fighting each other by the hands of the Old Gods.  The Titans step in, put an end to the war, and bring order to the chaos.  They banish the elemental lords to an elemental plane where they can no longer harm the world.  The Titans also banish the Old Gods deep beneath Azeroth, so that the other races may live in peace.

The Panethon named the land Kalimdor (land of eternal starlight) because they knew there was something special here.  The Titans agreed that Kalimdor needed Guardians, so they turned to the greatest species, the Dragonflight. Some of the Titans gave a small portion of their power to a dragon to help ensure Kalimdor was in good hands. Aman’Thul empowered Nozdormu to become the Timeless One and guard time itself.  Eonar empowered Alexstrasza, the Life-Binder to safe guard all living creatures. Eonar also empowered Ysera who fell into an eternal trance, bound to the waking Dream of Creation so she could watch over the creation on the planet.  Next, Norgannon empowered Malygos as the guardian of magic and hidden arcanum.  Lastly, Khaz’goroth empowered Neltharion who was empowered with the strength of the world as the Earth-Warder.

Well of Eternity

10,000 Years Ago

At the center of Kalimdor there was a large magical lake, known as the Well of Eternity. A primitive tribe of nocturnal humanoids found this lake and settled around it.  Over time, the magic blessed these humanoids making them wise, strong, and nearly immortal.  This tribe became known as the Kaldorei, children of the stars, we know them now as night elves.

These people prayed to the goddess Elune, who they believed slept in the center of the Well of Eternity. These night elves expanded and befriended many they came across, such as Cenarius, a demi-god that taught the night elves about nature.  Many years pass and we meet Queen Azshara and her high-borne elves who slowly start to change and become cruel to the other night elves. Malfurion Stormrage, a young night elf who had been practicing druidism senses the changes and suspects the Well of Eternity and its magic to be the cause.

Kaldorei Village around Well of Eternity

Burning Legion Comes to Azeroth

The magic attracted Sargeras and he sends his lieutenants Mannaroth the Destructor and Archimonde the Defiler to strike…. Sound familiar? So in a nutshell, Queen Azshara lets the Burning Legion into Azeroth. Where the demon invasion comes in and rains hell on her people. Her people fight, but it’s not enough so in come the Stormrage brothers. Illidan Stormrage, addicted to the magic of the Well is willing to give it all up to save his people.  So the brothers along with Tyrande Whisperwind go on a journey to seek the help of Cenarius.

Cenarius helps the Kaldorei fight off the Burning Legion with the help of the Dragon Aspects, but Malfurion knows this isn’t enough.  He feels the link between the Legion invasion and the Well of Eternity is too strong, so the Well must be destroyed.  The Kaldorei are horrified at this concept as they rely on the magic of the Well, but Tyrande supports Malfurion as they enlist Cenarius to help destroy the Well.

Well of Eternity- corrupted

Notable Side Stories:

  • While Sargeras was seeking evil he came across a planet that was a sleeping titan soul, but it was corrupted by the Old Gods so he destroyed it.  When the others of the Pantheon heard they chastised Sargeras that he should have saved the soul, this was when Sargeras began to doubt the Titan’s mission.
  • Aggramar, the Titan Champion after Sargeras, heard the dreams of Azeroth (a world-soul) which sent the Pantheon to Azeroth to help save the being. This part is confusing for some, so yes, Azeroth is actually a Titan, but he’s still forming.  It is unknown if there are more world-souls out there, but it is seemingly a rare-occurrence.
  • So I know you recognize the name Sargeras, but you also know the some other Titans too. Aman’Thul is the Highfather of the Pantheon.  Eonar is the patron of all life.  Norgannon is the lore keeper of the Titans and the Master of Magic.  Khaz’goroth is the shaper and forger of the worlds.  Many of these names are seen through out the game and are linked with some of the most powerful items.
  • Neltharion goes mad during the Battle of the Ancients and the rage inside him transforms him into Deathwing.
  • The Stormrage Brothers are both in love Tyrande Wisperwind.  The love Illidan has for her is what keeps him away from the magic he has become so reliant upon and he is even willing to destroy it all.  Tyrande is in love with Malfurion which laters contributes to Illidan’s downfall.
Stay tuned for more WoW lore 🙂


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