Ok, so these buildings on the Broken Shore…

I will do my best to not go on an aimless rant, but these things are sometimes awesome and sometimes complete crap.  What’s this latest buff, light as a feather?!? No thanks Blizzard, who cares about walking on water when we can fly???

Mage Tower

Mage Tower

Ok, so the Mage Tower, the one we all want to get our artifact challenge appearance. Will you get an amazing buff like Knowledgeable or Power Overwhelming, for extra artifact power?  Or will you get something completely useless like Light As a Feather, water walking while mounted?  The last buff is Reputable, while being good for those lacking in reputation, it’s not that great for everyone.

Other than buffs, the only thing the mage tower has is portals…that we all forget are actually there.

Oh and I almost forgot the caches, which have a chance to have Legionfall War Supplies and Nethershards. That’s not a bad thing, I suppose. So if mage tower is up, fly around and loot some boxes, do some quests, and work on that challenge.

Command Center

Command Center

The Command Center, the one that gives you missions on your table for a lot of artifact power.  So this building is also a toss up on the buffs you’ll get something not so bad or something useless.  The buffs War Effort and Worthy Champions aren’t bad offering extra war supplies and greater chance for legendary follower equipment.  The buff Heavily Augmented offers a chance at defiled augment runes. While, Well Prepared gives you 10% bonus primary stats, so not the best and not terrible.

Outside of the buffs from the building, you will get world quests for Cathedral of Eternal Night, but the rewards aren’t usually great. Friendly NPCs will also come help you with reinforcements while you fight outdoors, yay.

So when this building is up, hope your followers are ready to go out for days for a nice chunk of artifact power.

Nether Disruptor

Nether Disruptor

The Nether Disruptor is the building we want for the extra world boss.  There is one great buff, Seal Your Fate, which offers a free seal of broken fate each day the Disruptor is up.  The other three are under tuned, like Fate Smiles Upon You seemingly has a low chance to refund your seal of broken fate when it fails. The Netherstorm has a chance to give you extra Nethershards when you get them. The worst buff by far is Reinforced Reins, which allows you to interact with objects while mounted….we already have that in the game by purchasing crafted Demonsteel stirrups.

This building will also allow crafters to make new crafted legendaries, as well as spawn portals across the Broken Shore.

So when this building is up, kill the new world boss, craft a legendary, and hope you get a good buff.

Just Donate

At least no matter which building we donate to we get the Legionfall Recompense; that gives Nethershards, Order Resources, Gold, Gear, and even sometimes a Legendary. So donate and pray to RNJesus that you’re gonna get something great.

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