Nighthold is almost over…What’s Next?


Hey gamer peeps! It’s me, Oswin, a holy priest for the Horde that likes long walks on the Broken Shore and bloody battles in Arathi Basin. With Tomb of Sargeras on the rise, we only have weeks left to finish up the grind in Nighthold, so here’s my checklist for all the players that want to stay ahead of the curve.ToS releasing soonGet Flying

First and foremost, everyone needs to get flying by completing their Broken Isles Pathfinder Achievements. There is literally nothing better in the game than flying around and getting all those world quests done in no time! Here’s a helpful guide for that:

Get Your Gear Level Up

After you get flying out of the way you need to be working on that ilvl. The easiest way to get gear is by heading to the Broken Shore and farming up some Nethershards. There are groups in LFG or simply go under the Sentinax and kill some mobs coming out of the portals. Use the Nethershards to buy gear from the vendors at Deliverance Point. The dauntless vendor gear is cheaper with a baseline of 850 ilvl.  Or you can use the relinquished vendor that gives you baseline gear of 880 ilvl. The Legion invasions throughout the Broken Isle are also a great way to get Nethershards. After 880 ilvl you should be doing mythic keystones or raiding Nighthold (Heroic or Mythic) to finish boosting that ilvl. You’ll want to be as close to 900 ilvl as you can to be prepared for Normal Tomb of Sargeras.

Run Keystones

If raiding isn’t your thing, then keystones are always a great alternative. Keystone achievements help, so having your Keystone Conqueror (level 10 completed in time) and Keystone Master (level 15 completed in time) means better groups… Since baseline of keystone gear has been adjusted you can see some really amazing gear drop out of these dungeons.  Not to mention the artifact power is always nice.

Get Your Last Golden Dragon on Weapon

Artifact power, yes, that’s definitely the next big checkpoint. Everyone should be really working to get that fifth golden dragon unlocked, after that, relax, it’s going to be a long grind…thanks again Blizzard, but hey, we still love ya!
I feel like those are the major things people should be accomplishing before the release of Tomb of Sargeras, there are of course plenty of other achievements you could be going for… like the Artifact Challenge from the Mage Tower, but that’s a whole different story. 😉

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