World of Warcraft Lore- Part 2

Destruction of the Well of Eternity

Ok, so when we left off Malfurion, Tyrande, and Cenarius are going to destroy the Well of Eternity.  Wait, there’s a name missing there… That’s right, Illidan has now left the group.  Somewhere along the way, Malfurion and Tyrande have now became an item and it drives Illidan crazy. Remember Illidan is an addict in withdrawals from giving up the magic of the Well of Eternity; and now his own brother has taken away what he felt was his one shot at love…he’s in a dark place.

Illidan betrays his team and tells Queen Azshara their plans to destroy the Well, but he vows to Azshara to protect the well by any means necessary.  Malfurion and his team attack the temple, and find Queen Azshara’s troops ready and waiting and summoning Sargeras. Nearly all of Malfurion’s followers fallen at the hands of the mad Queen, but Tyrande isn’t ready to give up.  She attacks the Queen from behind and receives grievous wounds in the process.  When Malfurion saw Tyrande fall he vowed to end Queen Azshara for good.

The Sundering

The highborn were in a summoning ritual when the attack began, the chaos around the portal caused it to become unstable.  The unstable portal explodes, causing the Well to collapse, ruining the capital city, and darkened the skies.  This explosion tore apart Kalimdor and in the center of the land where the Well once was, was now a terrible scar of chaotic energy, known as the Maelstorm. Queen Azshara and her highborn were sucked to the bottom of the Maelstorm, where people believed she perished, but instead her and her people were transformed by the terrible incident and became the naga.  She would rebuild her empire down here in a city they called Nazjatar and remain hidden for nearly ten thousand years.

Finding a New Home

So somehow through the terrible sundering, Malfurion, Tyrand, Illidan, Cenarius, and many others survive.  The highborne that survived swear off magic, and without the Well, Malfurion feels there is no threat.  Malfurion leads his people to Mount Hyjal where they find lush land…and another magical lake. When Malfurion discovered that Illidan had brought the magic, he was furious. Malfurion explained how magic would corrupt and destroy, but Illidan wouldn’t listen.  Malfurion demanded Illidan to stop using magic and when he didn’t… Cenarius helped Malfurion imprison Illidan in a barrow, underground prison, chained and powerless.  Malfurion empowered a young warden named Maiev Shadowsong to be Illidan’s personal jailor.

Malfurion has all his people pledge off magic, and they began learning the ancient art of druidism under Cenarius.

The World Tree

Many years pass and the dragons that survived the Sundering come to visit the night elves.  When Malfurion (who is now the arch-druid with great power) tells them of the new Well of Eternity, they are shocked. The Dragon aspects share the same apprehension as Cenarius and Malfurion that the Legion will attempt to reach out through the magic Well and lay claim to their world again. The dragons decide to deal with the Well by absorbing the magic, so Alexstrasza places an acorn in the center of the Well.  The tree grows into a colossal tree that they name Nordrassil, crown of the Heavens. Nozdormu then enchants the tree so that the night elves will never age, or become ill. Ysera linked the tree to the Emerald Dream in a magical pact that the druids must hibernate for centuries to roam Ysera’s paths in the Emerald Dream.

Birth of the High Elves

The high borne that had followed Malfurion were incensed that the Well had been soaked up into a tree.  They felt the magic was their right and began to openly mock the druids.  Malfurion let his people know that the use of magic would be punishable by death, but Dath’Remar and his followers pushed the limits.  They called forth a huge magical storm, and Malfurion couldn’t bring himself to kill so many of his people.  So he exiled them and Dath’Remar and the Quel’dorei set sail for unknown adventures. They eventually settle on an Eastern land they called Lordaeron and built Quel’Thalas their own magical land.  These High Elves embraces the sun and became the counterparts of the night elves with their moon worship and nocturnal lives.


The Sentinels

The time came for Malfurion to enter the Dreamway and uphold his pact, but Tyrande begged him not to go.  Tyrande, the high priestess, assembled her night-elf sisters to watch over the sleeping druids.  These women became the Sentinels as they patrolled the shadowy forests to protect their people.  Without Malfurion by her side, Tyrande became lonely and afraid.  She began to worry that the Legion was out there, plotting and searching for a way back to Azeroth.

Notable Side Stories

  • While the battle is raging on, Illidan takes vials of the Well of Eternity to keep for himself.  He later moves ahead of his people on the way to Hyjal and pours them into the new lake to create another Well.
  • The High Elves are what will later be known as Blood Elves.
  • Dath’Remar changes his name to Sunstrider meaning he who walks the day.
  • Out of the high borne night elves that took the journey, many fell ill and died.  The elves now knew they were no longer immortal as their skin lost its violet hue and they became shorter.


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