World of Warcraft Lore- Part 3

The High Elves and Quel’Thalas

The high elves built Quel’Thalas on an ancient city that the Trolls still held sacred, causing a raging battle.  The elves were able to harness their magical knowledge and defend themselves against the trolls.  Once the land was safe, some were cautious of the Legion; so they created a barrier around their city.  Ancient rune stones created by the elves were placed to keep Quel’Thalas protected. These rune stones worked by hiding their magic from other dimensions.  The Convocation of the Silvermoon consisted of seven leaders of the elves and were founded to be the governing body.

The Human and Elven Alliance

For 4,000 years the elves lived in peace; while the trolls amassed a great army.  When the army began attacking Quel’Thalas again, Sunstrider knew they didn’t have the numbers and their magic wasn’t as strong as it once was. A few high elf ambassadors headed to Strom, a human stronghold in the southern part of Lordaeron that was known as Arathor.  The apprehensive Thoradin, king of Arathor, agreed to help the elves out of necessity.

In exchange for troops, the elves agreed to teach 100 humans magic and to swear loyalty to the King’s bloodline.  The battle in Alterac Valley lasted for days before the elven lords agreed to result to magic. The one hundred human magi and the elven sorcerers rained down a magic fire storm that burned up the trolls from the inside out.  The defeated troll army retreated, unable to regenerate their wounds.  The humans and elves formed an alliance that would last for ages.

After the Troll Wars

The human magi that were chosen by the elves were taught to practice magic with care and responsibility.  They were starting to die off due to old age, so they decided to pass their secrets and powers to a newer generation.  This younger generation of magicians was left unchecked as they practiced magic for personal gain.  Many of these magicians traveled to Dalaran a large Arathorian city-state to the north of Strom.  The more the magi practiced magic, the more the Burning Legion became aware of the growing buzz.

At first there were few demon encounters that the mages of Dalaran worked hard to hide from the rest of the world.  The mages did everything they could to hide the occurrences, but soon rumors started to spread. The humans started to worry the citizens would revolt so they sought the help of someone who knew magic…the elves.  Elven wizards came to Dalaran and studied the energy, confirming that the Legion was still a threat to Azeroth.

The Guardian

The Council of Silvermoon made a pact with the Mages of Dalaran in which the elves revealed the ancient history of Kalimdor and the Burning Legion.  The human magi thought that this information would be too much for mankind to handle.  So they decided a single, mortal champion would become the Guardian for the human race.  The Council of Tirisfal was appointed to select the Guardian and give a gift of incredible power.  As generations passed, Guardians defended humanity from the threat of the Legion, while the use of magic became widespread throughout the land. While in Dalaran, the Kirin Tor was founded to help teach young magician the arts and how best to deal with magic.

Aegwynn, The Guardian

Aegwynn was a human girl who impressed the Kirin Tor, and then the Council of Tirisfal.  She was a fiery warrior who though the previous Guardians didn’t do enough.  Aegwynn worked tirelessly to eradicate the demonic threat of the legion.  She chased the threat all the way to Northrend where she found the dragonflight in trouble.  Aegwynn fought until every last demon perished and Sargeras himself came to her.

Aegwynn would not back down and fought until she defeated the demon lord and buried his body deep within Kalimdor.  She fell into Sargeras’ plan without even knowing.  Just before his death, Sargeras entered the battle worn Argwynn and remained hidden in her soul for many years.

War of the Three Hammers

Meanwhile in the Ironforge Mountains, three clans of dwarves, all in great power, found themselves in a battle for control of the mountain.  The Bronzebeard clan, ruled by Madoran Bronzebeard were the traditional defenders of the mountain. The Wildhammer clane, ruled by Khardros Wildhammer were settled towards the base of the mountain, but wanted more control in the city.  The Dark Iron clad ruled by a sorcerer named Thaurissan hid deep in the shadows and plotted the other two factions against each other.

The Bronzebeard clan won control, so the Wildhammer’s retreated to Grim Batol to create their own kingdom.  However, the Dark Irons and Thaurissan plotted for revenge as they retreated to the Redridge Mountains. Thaurissan battled the others, but his army was defeated.  He desperately called upon ancient powers and summoned an ancient being that had been banished by the Titans.

Ragnaros, the Firelord, shattered the Redridge Mountains and a volcano erupted, that we know as Blackrock Spire.  Ragnaros enslaved the dwarves inside the mountain, while King Madoran and King Khardros turned the other way.

3 thoughts on “World of Warcraft Lore- Part 3

  1. Zedrael says:

    What does the violet spellwing have to do with Argus the unmaker, and how does it fit into the story line?

  2. Oswin says:

    I’m not sure it’s explained that well in the game, not sure why… but it seems that when Argus dies, this is when we discover what power lies within a Titan’s blood. Just one drop of Argus’ blood contained a beautiful mount; so now that we see Azeroth is also bleeding, we know there is a lot of power and who knows what will come out of it? Also, they wanted a way to include the mount at the end of the raid, just like from HFC we got the grove warden.

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