Mage Tower…Are You Actually Testing My Skill or My Luck at RNG?


That is the one word to sum up how I feel about the Mage Tower.  I consider myself an above average player with many high parses through Nighthold (95% overall for Heroic); however, my guild has only progressed 3/10 Mythic, which means I don’t have end of content gear for Nighthold… I didn’t think this was a big deal until I went to try for my Artifact Challenge.

So I’ll just go through a quick run-down of what my Artifact Challenge is like (remember I’m a holy priest).

holy priest spirit redemtion

Stage 1

So I have 3 dps that literally don’t have cooldowns.  They don’t have any burst dps, no interrupts, no stuns, and no damage reductions….plus, they don’t run away from anything.  So I count on my fury warrior to take most of the damage, but have to be careful that the rogue doesn’t run in front of him at a bad time.  While, I, the healer, must shackle or stun nearly every mana sting. Interrupt most knife dances, and dispel or interrupt the mage that is blitzing the crap out of random targets…

Now, the RNG part of this stage.  The rogue runs in front of the warrior and soaks a mana sting because the archer was immune to my cc.  So this is wave 5, I just used my stun to interrupt the mage; the warrior is doing his knife dance, and the archer is casting her mana sting…. and now the rogue is dead because she ran in front of the warrior.  Oh, and my leap was on CD because the hunter wouldn’t run away from the fixate.  After many attempts about 40, I finally got to where I could master Stage 1. I thought great, this is going to be a piece of cake now.

Stage 2

Literally run to another room, no dps, no healing, just follow my crappy dps and make it there.  Easy, mastered first try.

Stage 3

During this stage I really have to test my dps along with survive-ability.  While I run through Black Rook Hold, damaging mobs, keeping myself alive, and healing a few NPCs along the way this stage wasn’t bad at all. Mastered after 3 attempts.

Stage 4

Literally just take a break and let your cool downs come back up, mastered first try.

Stage 5

Now the healing check of the challenge, but that’s not all it is.  With the wonky targeting, you have a very short window to heal up 3 NPCs as they move to boss, while also healing your own people that have suddenly found their dps cooldowns as they kick each others butts.  This has been slow progression for me here because I’m a little under geared, and didn’t have the best legendaries for it until yesterday… I’m getting this skin this week.  Still not mastered after 50+ attempts, maybe I’m just too slow to click lol.

Stage 6

Any adds you didn’t heal up before you reached your allotted 8 that must be healed, must now be killed.  If you have more than two, this will be challenging without cool downs.  These are the same adds from Stage one, so I have to keep to the same mechanics and kill them.  I’ve only seen this stage 3 times, all of which I had too many adds to deal with.

Stage 7

Many priests have said this phase is super easy and much like healing a Nightbane fight.  I remember Nightbane was really hard at first, but I’m hoping it’s the piece of cake that it is now.

The worst part of this by far is wiping on stage 5, 6, or 7…means you have to start over with at least 8 minutes before you get back to where you were.  So much time is wasted on this artifact appearance.

holy priest challenge artifact

So this is what I’m working towards, check the others out at:

Just Breathe

So that’s a run-down of what I’m going through in WoW right now. I never had any issues with challenge modes in Warlord’s when I got the weapon appearances. The Proving Grounds, where I got my Endless Wave 30 and The Proven Healer title was only slightly frustrating, but very doable. Now, Blizzard gives us this monster of a challenge that is not only very gear dependent, but also is about mechanics and going above and beyond what anyone expects out of a healing role.  I’m not the type of person to give up, and progression is what it’s all about, but there is only so much you can do.

If you haven’t gotten your appearance yet, don’t stress it!  I really feel like this challenge is targeted for people with ilvls closer to 920, and even then, it’s meant to be a challenge.   If you’re one of the lucky ones that have already gotten your appearance, then grats!  Feel free to post in the comments your struggles or successes with your class specific challenge. 🙂


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