World of Warcraft Lore- Part 4

The Introduction of the Last Guardian

Aegwynn was guardian for nearly nine hundred years before the Council of Tirisfal decreed that her time was up.  They ordered her to come back to Dalaran so they could take her powers and give them to a new Guardian.  Aegwynn distrusted the Council and felt she should choose a successor of her own.  A mage was sent to capture her, Nielas Aran, but they fell in love.  The two decided together they would create the new guardian.

Aegwynn gave birth to a son, Medivh, which means keeper of secrets in the high elven language.  On his birth, Aegwynn gifted Medivh with the power of Tirisfal even though it wouldn’t awaken until he reached physical maturity. Unbeknownst to Aegywnn, the spirit of Sargeras that had been living inside her found her way into her womb and into her defenseless child. The newest Guardian was possessed by the greatest enemy of Azeroth.

Medivh, the Last Guardian

Medivh was raised in Stormwind by his mortal father, Aran.  By his teenage years, Medivh was very popular and enjoyed causing mischief with his best friends, Llan, the prince and Anduin Lothar. When Medivh turned fourteen the fount of power inside him awoke and clashed with the spirit of Sargeras. This awakening caused his father, Aran’s death, as well as putting Medivh in a catatonic state for twenty years.

Medivh awoke with amazing powers but was devastated by the death of his father. Medivh vowed to protect and became the Last Guardian, unaware of his darkening inner turmoil.  Sargeras was over joyed with the turmoil for he knew he would soon invade Azeroth again, and the Guardian would help him do so.

Kil’jaeden makes an army

While Sargeras was working on their way in, Kil’jaeden sought to make an army for the Legion.  In the Great Dark Beyond, Kil’jaeden came across a lush planet known as Draenor. Kil’jaeden enthralled Ner’zhul an elderly orc shaman to help spread his influence. However, when Kil’jaeden pushed for Ner’zhul to take the final step, giving the warriors over entirely to the pursuit of death and destruction, the old shaman resisted.

Feeling thwarted and full of frustration, Kil’jaeden sought another and found Gul’dan.  He wanted to assure success and promised Gul’dan unspeakable power in exchange for obedience.  Gul’dan became the most powerful mortal warlock in history and taught other orcs his brand of magic. The fel energies that Gul’dan and the Shadow Council brought to Draenor slowly killed the world, but Kil’jaeden had his army.

The Iron Horde

Among the orc race their was a small opposition that was voiced by Durotan of the Frostwolf clan, but not many heeded his warnings. While other chieftains like Grom Hellscream stepped forward to support the new ways of war and domination. Kil’jaeden decided that the orc clans were ready to become part of the burning legion so he had the Shadow Council summon Mannoroth the Destructor.  Mannoroth was the living vessel of destruction and rage, and Gul’dan convinced the clan chieftains that his blood would make them invincible.  All chiefs, except Durotan, drank from Mannoroth giving them a bloodlust that allowed them to unleash a newfound rage.

Gul’dan united the clans into the Iron Horde and gave them a puppet war chief in Blackhand, the Destroyer.  The Horde set out to test itself and destroyed the draenei of Draenor, only a few survivors escaped.  With this Kil’jaeden and Sargeras were pleased that the Burning Legion now had the greatest weapon to take to Azeroth.

The Dark Portal

Medivh and the Shadow Council opened a dimensional gateway between Draenor and Azeroth known as the Dark Portal.  As the Iron Horde prepared to invade Azeroth, Durotan spoke out. Gul’dan was afraid the execution of a great war chief wouldn’t bode well with his army, so he exiled the entire Frostwolf clan into the new world before the invasion. These orcs settled into the Black Morass, but soon found human conflict.

When the time came, Gul’dan led the Horde into a unsuspecting attack against Stormwind.  As the Horde’s victory was approaching, Doomhammer, began to see the corruption that had spread throughout his race. When Durotan came to warn the orcs again of this corruption, Doomhammer witnessed Gul’dan’s assassins murder Durotan’s entire family, or so he thought. Durotan had attempted to save his infant son, but Aedelas Blackmoore found him and took him as an orc slave, but he lived.

Witnessing this assasination of his own kind incensed Doomhammer to free the Horde from the demonic corruption.  He killed Blackhand, but Gul’dan escaped while the Horde attempted to settle into this new world.

Meanwhile in Karazhan

Lothar believed that Medivh was the cause the behind this invasion in Azeroth and went straight to the problem.  With help from Medivh’s assistant, Khadgar, the two are able to kill Medivh. However, they inadvertently banish Sargeras’ spirit into the abyss, but the pure spirit of Medivh is allowed to live in the astral plane for many years. Allowing an echo of Medivh to exist in Karazhan.  Lothar returns to Stormwind too late, as he realizes the orcs have destroyed Stormwind and he vows to restore their homeland at any cost.

Noteable Side Stories

  • When Aegwynn locked the corpse of Sargeras in the Tomb she placed wards, echos of herself within the Tomb.  After defeating Mephistroth in the Cathedral of Eternal Night, when the Aegis is activated, much to the surprise of Illidan and Maiev, Aegwynn explains how the Pillars of Creation can restore her wards and the Eye of Aman’thul can destroy the felstorm. Aluneth, claimed by the Archmage, will respond with fear when Aegwynn appears.
  • Sargeras promises Gul’dan that he will become a God if he succeeds in finding the Tomb of Sargeras where Aegwynn placed his crippled body a thousand years ago.
  • The infant son of Durotan is given the slave name Thrall, who would become the greatest Orc leader known in World of Warcraft.

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