World of Warcraft Lore- Part 5

Horde Vs. Alliance

So we’re at the crossroads every World of Warcraft player comes to, are you for the Horde or Alliance?  This part of lore starts just after the orcs came to Azeroth. We have the factions, Horde, led by Doomhammer, and the Alliance led by Lothar, fighting non stop for the upper hand in Azeroth. They fought land, sea, and air until the Horde finally had the upper hand.  (However, Gul’dan had been seeking the Tomb of Sargeras)  When Doomhammer was about to crush the alliance, half of his army, enslaved and still loyal to Gul’dan, abandoned the war and went with Gul’dan.

Lothar saw the Horde imploding on itself and used the rest of his army to push and trap the Horde in Blackrock Spire.  They drove the army back and the Alliance destroyed the Dark Portal. Khadgar, now an Archmage, built Nethergarde to keep watch to ensure no future invasions from Draenor.

No More Draenor

After the War, the Alliance enslaved many orcs to maintain peace, or so they thought.  Back on Draenor, Ner’zhul rallied the remaining orcs to open new portals to Azeroth and eventually liberate their brethren. The Dark Portal opened and flooded Azeroth once again, the Horde, led by Grom Hellscream and Kilrogg Deadeye, surprised the Alliance and quickly subdued the army.  They gathered artifacts for Ner’zhul then retreated.

King Terenas knew that another invasion would happen, so Khadgar and Turalyon were tasked to end the orcish threat from Draenor once and for all.  Once on Hellfire Peninsula, the Alliance quickly learned that Ner’zhul was destroying Draenor by opening countless portals and tearing about the fabric of reality.  Many orcs and others scrambled through the portal as Draenor began implode on itself. Turalyon and Khadgar destroy the Dark Portal, costing them their lives as Draenor exploded back into the cosmos, and ceased from existence.

The Lich King

So Ner’zhul and his followers go down with Draenor and end up in the Twisting Nether.  The Twisting Nether is an ethereal plane that connects all world throughout the universe aka the Great Dark Beyond.  Here Ner’zhul finds no other than the demon he betrayed, Kil’jaeden.  Kil’jaeden reminds Ner’zhul of the Blood Pact and reminds Ner’zhul he must still serve the Burning Legion. Kil’jaeden warps and transforms Ner’zhul into the Lich King with a purpose to spread a plague of death and terror across Azeroth.

Anyone consumed by this plague would arise undead and enslaved to Ner’zhul’s will forever.  Ner’zhul’s followers became his death knights and he set out on his mission, for if he succeeded, he would be free from the curse and get a healthy new start on life. So Kil’jaeden threw Ner’zhul back into Azeroth where he set to work making his undead army.


Thrall, saves the Horde

Thrall, at the age of eighteen, escaped slavery and sought to find out more about his people.  He learned that many of the orcish race were enslaved and very ill, saddened and angry he set his mind to change the future of the Horde.  Along with Hellscream and Doomhammer he liberated many orc interments.  Under the tutelage of the Frostwolf clan, Thrall’s ancestors, he learned shamanism and used this to restore faith in orcs all over Azeroth.

When Doomhammer fell in battle, Thrall picked up his hammer, and became the new war chief of the Horde.  Thrall and Hellscream sought to ensure that the orcs would never be enslaved again.

The Alliance starts to Break

While the Lich King is busy enslaving minds of people like Kel’Thuzad, the Alliance is bickering.  The Horde did a number on them and rebuilding cities after a war means high taxes.  The high elves of Silvermoon aren’t happy because their lands were destroyed in the battle and they also retreat from the Alliance.  Gilneas citizens aren’t happy and feel their Kingdom is better of without the Alliance so they part. Also the human settlement on Stromgarde also secedes from the Alliance, leaving the Alliance in a poor situation.  However, Stormwind, the Kirin Tor, and Ironforge stick together and remain a strong alliance, which is much needed as the Scourge begins to attack Lordaeron.

The First Death Knight of Azeroth

Desperate to end the Scourge advances, King Terenas sent his only son and most trusted ally, Prince Arthas.  Arthas killed Kel’Thuzad, but wanted to end the threat for good, so he sought out the Lich King in Northrend. Thinking he would save his people, Arthas picked up the cursed runeblade, Frostmourne, and even though it granted him immense power, it stole his soul.  Without his soul and sanity gone, Arthas became the First Death Knight in Azeroth to lead the Scourge against his own people.  He killed his father, King Terenas and enslaved Lordaeron to the Lich King’s will.







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