World of Warcraft Lore- Part 6

Sylvanas the Banshee

After Arthas became the most feared Death Knight in Azeroth he was haunted by Kel’Thuzad.  Now that Arthas was on the same side as the evil mage, Kel’Thuzad wanted revival, so he instructed Arthas to bring his remains to the Sunwell within Quel’Thalas.  The Scourge destroyed the high elven city, while the Ranger-General Sylvanas Windrunner fought well, Arthas prevailed. To show the few remaining elves his dominance, Arthas raised Sylvanas from the dead as a banshee in service to himself.

Arthas raised Kel’Thuzad as a powerful sorceror, and by the time the Scourge left Quel’Thalas there was not a single living elf there.

The Legion Returns to Azeroth

Kel’Thuzad got his hands on the spellbook of Medivh with the intention to summon Archimonde back to Azeroth. Once Archimonde was there Kil’jaeden sent him and the Scourge on a mission to destroy Nordrassil, the World Tree, and also the source of the Well of Eternity.  All the uproar in Azeroth stirred the spirit of Medivh, who returned from the Beyond with a second chance to atone for his past.  He desperately tried to unite the Horde and Alliance so that Azeroth would have a unified army.

The armies followed the Scourge to the World Tree in attempt to stop it and find the ancient civilization of the Kaldorei.  The orcs began to fall victim to their bloodlust again and clashed with the night elf Sentinels. Hellscream succumbed to the Burning Legion and led his loyal orcs to again drink the blood of Mannaroth. Cenarius came forth to drive the orcs back, but Hellscream and his orcs managed to kill the demigod and corrupt the forest. Thrall realized Hellscreams betrayal, but helped to revive him and his clan by killing Mannaroth and ending the blood-curse.

Illidan is Freed

Tyrande Whisperwind saw the chaos coming their way and set about waking up her love Malfurion Stormrage from his 1,000 year hibernation.  With Malfurion’s help, nature rose up and vanquished the Legion and the Scourge from Nordrassil. While Malfurion went to wake more sleeping druids, he and Tyrande came across his imprisoned brother, Illidan.  Convinced that Illidan would aide them against the Legion, Tyrande set him free.

The Battle of Mount Hyjal

Medivh is finally able to get Jaina Proudmoore and Thrall to put aside their differences to stop the Legion.  The night elves also join in to help defend Azeroth and the World Tree.  Malfurion unleashes the energy of the World Tree and destroys Archimonde, and severs the link with the Legion and the Well of Eternity.

Illidan searches for the Tomb of Sargeras

Illidan wanders away from his mission and ends up consuming the energies of the Skull of Gul’dan, this gives him some of Gul’dan’s memories about the Tomb of Sargeras.  He also gets immense powers and demonic features from the Skull.  Roaming the world and searching for his place, Illidan comes across Kil’jaeden.  Kil’jaeden believes that Ner’zhul, now the Lich King, is becoming too powerful and must be stopped.  Kil’jaeden promises great power and place with the lords of the Burning Legion if Illidan can destroy the Lich King.

Illidan sought out his former highborn friends, that were now the naga as they searched the Broken Isles for the Tomb of Sargeras.  Maiev Shadowsong, Illidan’s jailor for 10,000 years, begins to search for him so she can stop him.  However, Illidan claims the Eye of Sargeras and becomes even more powerful.  Illidan is about to use the eye to destroy Icecrown and the Lich King’s defenses when Malfurion and Tyrande arrive with Maiev and stop him.

Illidan knows Kil’jaeden will not be pleased so he flees to the barren dimension known as Outland, or what is left of Draenor.

Blood Elves

The few elves that weren’t in Quel’Thalas when Kel’Thuzad, Arthas, and the Scourge laid it to waste, band together. They are now led by Prince Kael’thas, last of the Sunstrider dynasty.  The high elves grieved for the loss of their homeland and people and decide to call themselves blood elves in honor of their fallen people.  Cut off from the Sunwell, these elves turned to find another source of magic.  Following their roots and going back to the Highborne source, they find Illidan and the naga.  The blood elves follow Lady Vashj and help free Illidan from Maiev.  Illidan now works with his new found people to get a plan to again strike against the Lich King.

War with the Lich King

Ner’zhul knew that Kil’jaeden was trying to destroy him and he is weakened by Illidan’s attempts so he calls on his greatest servant, Arthas. Arthas was in the middle of his own uprising as the banshee Sylvanas fought for control over his undead empire.  Arthas left the Scouge in the hands of Kel’Thuzad as he went to aide the Lich King.  This change in leadership gave Sylvanas the upper hand as she and her rebel army (the Forsaken) claimed Lordaeron as their own.  Arthas arrived in Icecrown only to realize that Illidan, the naga, and blood elves were waiting for him.  Arthas and his nerubian allies raced against Illidan’s forces to the Frozen Throne.

Arthas beats Illidan to the Frozen Throne where he uses Frostmourne to shatter the Lich King’s icy prison. Arthas then takes the powerful helm and fuses their spirits together making Arthas the new Lich King.  Illidan and his forces quickly retreat while Arthas became the most powerful entity that the world had ever known.

War Wounds

An uneasy truce between the Horde and the Alliance form as the world settles down.  The Scourge, the Burning Legion, and the Civil Wars have decimated Azeroth as it attempts to heal. Thrall leads the orcs to Kalimdor where they settle in Durotar (named after Thrall’s father).  There they have peace with the tauren and the trolls and look forward to a new life.  The Alliance settles in southern Kalimdor, off the east coast of Dustwallow Marsh and they build the port city of Theramore.  This peace lasted until a mighty fleet, that left Lordaeron before Arthas destroyed it, came to Durotar and decided it should be destroyed before the orcs gained a foothold.

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