Horde or Alliance Who do you play for?

The oldest debate in the game, horde or alliance, which is better?  You’ll find the die hard fans of World of Warcraft usually have a preference and I wanted to look into it a little further. So I started out on the Horde because it’s what my husband played and he was kind enough to show me what WoW was all about, plus blood elves look awesome.  As you get into the lore and sucked into this beautiful game you’re bound to come across PvP at some point and you start to wonder, what else is out there?  This mystical Alliance, they’re WoW players just like me, right?

I feel like on the Horde side of the game, things are really competitive.  It’s always about trying to be on top of the meters, or having a higher ranking.  The Horde gets down and dirty, but we like to win.  I feel like that’s the best way for me to explain my Horde experience and I love it.  Here lately in the game the grind gets cumbersome, especially if you have alts and they’re also raiding and competing. A friend in my guild was explaining how different Alliance side was when it came to game play and I couldn’t understand.  I was convinced that choosing a side didn’t affect your game play, so I created an Alliance toon to prove a point.

Stormwind in the WoW Movie
Stormwind in the WoW Movie

Boy, was I wrong. It seems that the Alliance side of the game is a more relaxed and enjoy the content approach, let’s just face it the Alliance content is beautiful.  It’s a really nice change that was completely unexpected.  It seems that Alliance players are more concerned with creating a nice environment, while Horde players are for themselves and being the best they can be. While your game is your game and you can play it however you choose… I have to say neither approach is wrong and both can be extremely enjoyable. As Alliance I worry I may become bored, but as Horde it’s sometimes too addicting always trying to be the best and that can wear you down.


(Comparing the content side by side from WoD….Alliance Garrison, comfortable, nice and clean…but the Horde must hate those things, because our garrisons are cold, dirty, and no comforts.)

SO, I’ve come to the conclusion, it’s all about balance.  For me, I’ll play Horde, because I love the competitive nature and pushing myself.  And when I need a break or just want to chill with friends and enjoy the content, I’ll hang out on the Alliance.  Because no matter what anyone says, it’s obvious that the Alliance side has the most beautiful game content (Stormwind vs Orgrimmar). World of Warcraft is a world of it’s own when it comes to MMORPG, and there’s a reason that so many people are passionate about it.  The game aspect is beautiful, but what it really does is put you in a place with like-minded people….and that’s the magic that creates a camaraderie that’s hard to find in the real world.

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