World of Warcraft Lore- Final Part

Ok, so if you’ve read the other posts you’re pretty much caught up through Cataclysm, but we still have more expansions!  The story line a lore in World of Warcraft is so in depth because it cover many, many years of history. Following the lore doesn’t get any easier when the characters time travel and those that are supposed to be dead, are suddenly alive and giving you quests.

Mists of Pandaria

The Horde and Alliance are fighting, causing them to crash in to an island.  The Shado-Pan arrive and tell both factions to leave the island, but they are ignored.  The Alliance and Horde begin recruiting the natives to join in the war, but the fighting awakens dark forces inside the land that both sides must fight off.  The ancient artifact from the Mogu Dynasty called the Divine Bell causes regular soldiers to turn into super warriors and both factions want it, but Garrosh wants it the most. Long story short, Hellscream does some really bad things and he is put on trial.  However, Garrosh gets the assistance of the bronze dragon, Kairozdormu and escapes, traveling back in time to Draenor, before the Burning Legion had it’s grasp on the planet.

This is the part of the lore where things get a little odd…we are going back in time to literally change history.

Warlord’s of Draenor

Rewind to everything before the Burning Legion found Draenor (about 30 years)… This expansion doesn’t take place on Azeroth; however, we meet many people that were there.  We are following Garrosh through time as he stops his father Grommash from drinking the blood of the demon Mannoroth, which is what corrupted the orc race in the first place.  Garrosh uses his technology from the future to impress the clans and create the “Iron Horde” and the Dark Portal.

The Alliance and Horde follow Garrosh to Nagrand, where Thrall and Garrosh battle in a duel of honor.  Garrosh is winning, but starts to blame Thrall for his failures saying the stress of leadership of the Horde was too much. During the battle, Thrall violates the rules of the duel “mak’gora” by using his elemental powers and killing Garrosh. The rest of the expansion is about disassembling the Iron Horde that Garrosh built.

Gul’dan tries to get Grommash to drink the demon blood, but he refuses because his son told him what would happen if he did.  Gul’dan then goes to Kilrogg who doesn’t refuse and creates the fel orcs.  Gul’dan takes control of the Iron Horde and imprisons Grommash.  Khadgar comes in to destroy the portal, just as he had in the past, but this time he has the Horde and Alliance from the future here to help.  Together we storm Hellfire Citadel and destroy the demon lords that have invaded Draenor, but as we kill Archimonde, he grabs Gul’dan and sends him through a portal to Azeroth.

World of Warcraft Legion Upgrade


This expansion has been busy and jam-packed with lore…leaving most of us wondering, but Illidan is dead, right?  This is my understanding of the content, please feel free to leave comments on where you think Legion fits in. I think in WoD we created an alternate universe because all the changes Garrosh made with the Iron Horde… I mean we’re following Gul’dan through to Azeroth, but this was 30 years in the past.  So now we’re in a new Azeroth where we basically don’t know what has happened.  Or maybe we’re back to actual present time?

I feel that this is current time in the game (meaning Gul’dan has been here for about 30 years), but it’s not the same world we knew in the old Azeroth.  So the new Horde, the one that exists now in the game, travels to this dimension with the help of Khadgar.

So starting out Khadgar seems to have a knowledge unlike anyone else, maybe because he’s traveled through the multiverse and knows what happens to Azeroth and he is trying to change it. Gul’dan comes to the Broken Isles looking for the Tomb of Sargeras, and we may have slowed him down, but he succeeded.  Gul’dan has somehow opened the tomb and inside there is portal that is letting demons freely enter Azeroth. The Alliance and Horde quickly go to the Broken Shore to stop the Invasions, but we realize fighting them isn’t enough.  We need to close the portals for good. We start gathering artifacts that may be powerful enough to stop the demonic invasion for good, the Pillars of Creation.  We must go in the Emerald Nightmare for one of the Pillars that Xavius had stolen, but when we retrieve the Pillar we also awake the Old God N’Zoth, but for now he’s not bothering us…  The fifth pillar is in the hands of the ancient night elves of Suramar, a city that sealed itself off during the Sundering, and has remain untouched for 10,000 years.

When Gul’dan comes to the Broken Isles he find Suramar and threatens the leader, Grand Magistrix Elisande with death to all her people if she doesn’t help the Legion.  Unwilling to fight and seeing what the Legion brought many years ago, she submits.  Anyone who doesn’t want to be part of this flees Suramar, but without their Nightwell energies they shrivel and become unrecognizable. First Arcanist Thalyssra walks you through this story line in the game.  We also have found out that there is an Army of Light, that has been fighting demons all across the universe and they’re coming here to Azeroth to help, and also to save a valuable Naaru temple.

Illidan was initially in a vault, but Gul’dan finds him and takes his body.  He leaves his soul behind, which we find and store in in an ancient Naaru until we can reunite it with his corporeal body again.  In the Nighthold, Gul’dan is attempting to use the Nightwell to summon Sargeras and put his spirit inside the body of Illidan.  We are finally successful in stopping the ritual and when we kill Gul’dan, we get the fifth pillar, the Eye of Aman’thul.  (Sidenote- In history, the eye of Aman’thul is the relic that Illidan (corrupted by the skull of Gul’dan) is searching for to open the Tomb of Sargeras.)

I’m excited to see what Blizzard does with this and their plans for future expansions, there is so much that can happen.

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