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The Consequences of Our Choices (Part 7)

Blane has sensed the distance that I’m trying to keep between us. My sobering thoughts from the night before of children were a rare occurrence, but they remind me of what a harsh world we have for kids.  He and I have been spending too much time alone, too much time…involved.  I need to focus […]

What Lies Beneath? (Part 6)

A new day, a new battle… this is the way of life when you’re living with demons.  I walk around this new Dalaran and wonder how many in the guild will show up tonight to help us raid.  Waiting outside the gates as we pull in recruitments for the night is really quite tiresome.  It’s […]

Through the Gates of Hell (Part 5)

Gul’dan used his power to raise this long hidden tomb, once he was inside he found a way to break the seals between the Legion’s world and ours.  As we stand on the Broken Shore and gaze upon the Cathedral with the Tomb inside, Khadgar gives us a mission requiring us to go into the […]

Seek and Ye Shall Find (Part 4)

Sweat drips down my face as I climb up the mountain, helping to defend this mountain yet again against the droves of demons pouring through portals on my left and right.  The closer we are to having everything we need to follow Illidan into the tomb, the more the Legion presses their attack on us. […]

An Unlikely Alliance (Part 3)

As First Arcanist Thalyssra is telling me the tragic story of how Suramar and the withered came to be, I notice Blane is also in Suramar. We quickly join up as we start working our way through our quest log.  I notice that he’s dabbling in the unholy magic and find our situation quite curious. […]

Child of Light and Shadow (Part 2)

My head is aching as I communicate with Xe’ra as the being attempts to show me a vision from Illidan’s memory.  The child of Light and Shadow that is destined to end the age of demons is the very same Illidan that I know as the Great Betrayer.  “How can we have such great expectations […]

Faith in the Light (Part 1)

My hands were trembling as I grasped T’uure. I still couldn’t believe that such great power was resting in my hands.  I could feel the warm embrace of the light as it coursed through my blood, warming my very skin and making my heart race.  In a flash of the moment I remembered Sen’jin, the […]