Faith in the Light (Part 1)

My hands were trembling as I grasped T’uure. I still couldn’t believe that such great power was resting in my hands.  I could feel the warm embrace of the light as it coursed through my blood, warming my very skin and making my heart race.  In a flash of the moment I remembered Sen’jin, the old troll that found me when I was young…

I remember feeling the sunlight on my skin, being young and feeling like I didn’t belong.  I had tried to hunt, to study the arcane, and wield various weapons…nothing seemed to fit.  But when I would feel the light on my skin, it felt natural, it was calling to me, warming my heart and leading me to a purpose. Why couldn’t I find my calling? They had said my heart was too big, my demeanor too caring, and my grasp on the arcane magics left the elders shaking their heads in disappointment.  I had wanted to abandon all hope and leave Silvermoon, but then I saw an old troll approaching me out of the corner of my eye.  “I be lookin fer ye blood elf.  No more time fer des dalliances of playin’ in de sun all day,” he said as he grabbed my wrist and started tugging me back towards the city.  “Who are you?!? What do you want with me?!? I’ll scream if you don’t let me go,” I said fiercely as I pulled my wrist free from his grasp and felt my hands growing warm and emitting a pale glow.  I felt the light coming to life inside me that day, and it led me to my life’s purpose. The troll looked at me with an impressed expression on his face and took a long pause before he spoke again, “I be Sen’jin, and if you be Öswin, then you need more training to control that magic light ye be feelin’ inside ye.”

“I have given everything! What have you sacrificied?!” I hear Jace yelling and it snaps me out of my recollection.  My thoughts of Sen’jin and his promises for my big future will have to wait.  I take one look at Lady Calindris’ corpse before we head back to Netherlight Temple…and I’m reminded that the fel magics know no bounds.  If Askara could see what had happened with our beloved T’uure, would she still sacrifice it all? I get everything in order in the Temple before I head to Dalaran, by the time I make it back to the landing Khadgar is already sending out missives for everyone.  Groups from my guild start to link up as they complete their quests, but me, I want to stand alone.  I want to bask in my faith and power that the light has given me.  In my hands in the strongest holy artifact, and me, Oswin, a lowly blood elf from Silvermoon City, has been blessed by the light to wield it against all evil.

I take a gryphon and head down to Aszuna to help the demon hunters reclaim their post.  Eager to use my weapon, I approach the battle front and feel a great release as I cast Holy Nova and unleash the light that has been building inside me. I know nothing will hold me back from my great task, nothing will stand in my way, I’m ready to face the entire burning legion.  I’ll use the light to blind the demons, and to heal my allies-ooomph. “Hey watch it, death knight!” I seethe at the guy that had the nerve to wraith walk right in to me.

His icy cold stare chills my heart, or so it seems, but I can’t seem to look away.  He grabs the demons pulling them into him as he annihilates anything in his path. I feel a blush creep onto my cheeks as he looks back at me and sees me staring.  “Priest, you gonna stand there or you want to actually help this battle front?” he asks as he invites me to his party.  I hesitantly accept, as I now realize the three others that are in the party with us.  This is now his team, and I’m responsible to heal this reckless group as they tear through Aszuna killing demons.  Their witty banter is more than amusing and I quickly find myself enamored with their rapport. They push the boundaries and I quickly find myself calling on the light to mend their wounds.  The more time I spend with them, the more I start to dread our time coming to an end.  We will all go our separate ways soon as the day is coming to an end, the death knight turns to me, “I can always use a good healer, what’s your name if I ever want to look you up?”  “Oswin,” I say as I mentally castigate myself at such a stupid and boring response. “Laters,” he said and just like that the group is disbanded and I don’t even know his name.

The story continues…. Child of Light and Shadow (Part 2)

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